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  5. Mrs

    Hi can anyone help me please I have a 63 plate Ford Focus the windscreen inside it streaming wet I have had ice in the inside and most days I have to use a chammy it it dripping wet any ideas please
  6. Focus Mechanical Advice

    Hi. Sometimes the master cylinder leaks and fluid runs into the servo so no leaks are visible in the engine bay or inside or under the car. You need to remove the master cylinder and servo to see.
  7. Hi there ive a mk7 2013 2.2 t280 fwd wife was driving other day turned off and wouldnt fire back up put obd on and came back with attatched photos anyone any ideas please it will fire up on easy start but wont run without it thanks in advance for any help
  8. faulty steering rack

    i wouldnt personally with no fluid in the system your pump is running dry which causes increased friction and heat and can quickly cause expensive damage, also driving a car you know is faulty to the point of dangerous on the road if you were in an accident could cause some legal issues aswell
  9. Mr

    I have a 2011 focus TDCI 1.6. For a while now when driving along if you put your foot down a bit to overtake the engine revs up and down almost as if the clutch is slipping. This is not the case as the clutch was replaced two years ago. Could it be the turbo.
  10. faulty steering rack

    hi everyone, just been recovered by the RAC apparently my steering rack has broke, they made me drive the car home and followed me, my question is will it be ok to drive it with a faulty steering rack? the fluid has come out, i can not get it in to the garage to be repaired for 2-3 weeks and wonder if it would be ok to drive until then? thanks
  11. ford fusion help please

    Hi i recentl got a ford fusion and i am having problems with the dash lights and rear number plate light , i have changed the fuse but these are still not working ,can anyone please advise me on this as its to replace a mobility car that was taken off my wife .so far i have been unable to solve this problem and its driving me nuts
  12. Ford Fusion 1.4 zetec help

    Hi i have just got a ford fusion zetec 1.4 petrol .06 plate but i am having problems trying to find the fuse in the glove compartment that does the rear number plate and cluster for the speedo . i have done a bit of research and think the fuse diagram is the same as the ford fiesta mk6 can anybody confirm this ? and fuse no . please the other side of the glove compartment when it comes out is completely different from the fiesta mk6 i am lost and confude . any help would be much appreciated John
  13. What's your Ford Focus story?

    Hello everyone, We are looking for passionate Ford and Ford Focus owners to share their passions for life and love of the car that they drive! Please see the attachment below for more details. If you want to share your story and fancy knowing a little more, then please drop me an email and i'd be happy to explain further! Thanks!
  14. Hello there, I want to buy for Mondeo Titanium X , 2014 model , 163bhp , automatic . I view the car today . Looks nice and clean but one I pop the bonnet and look under the engine cover I see some oil next to the cover. Don’t really know from where is that oil and what is under that cover. There is no other oil leak and other than that look clean. Please see pictures. Can you please tell me guys what is this cover , where is the problem and is this will be easy fix ? Thanks the leak is on the right and there was some oil in the sticker also.
  15. Compression query

    Reply to Thread Tags: None Mark 1 said:25-01-18 08:51 Compression query Further to an issue I had with my 2004 Ford Focus 1.8 a while ago , I was advised to carry out a compression test , which I duly did. Compression ranged from 70 lb/ sq. in. to 100 lb/in. sq. Given that my car suddenly lost power without any warning whatsoever , and the fact that I've already replaced plugs , leads and coil , what are the chances that the valve timing has 'slipped' due to the cambelt ? I fitted a new belt and tensioner about 7 or 8 years ago , but haven't yet done enough miles to replace it again . I understand that cambelts rarely jump in sprockets but it can occasionally happen . If the belt has indeed slipped , it would fully explain the instant power loss. Many thanks.
  16. Hi There, This is my first time on this forum. Just asking for a general discussion if anyone has experienced any issues with the new 2017 2.0 Ecoblue Ford Transit engine as I have heard they are having injector issues. Thanks in advance.
  17. (modern speedo clusters dont use bulbs anymore its smd led's soldered to the board) id remove the speedo cluster and check that the seller hasnt removed / tampered with the led to make it appear as the eml isnt on
  18. Mr

    Hi I am currently changing engine and gear box of my mondeo 2.0tdci coz engine was blown and gearbox’s knackered. So I have put an engine and gear box out of the same year but converting it all to manual I have change engine bay loom and ecu fuse boxes etc and so far if I turn the key the heater works and dash lights up it just won’t turn over. Any advise would me much appreciated
  19. So I've just bought a focus lx 1.4 (2005 plate) when I bought it the mot certificate said for an advisory that the engine management light was on. When I asked the bloke about it he said it was fixed and the light had been cleared. I'm worried there might be a problem as the light doesnt come on when I turn the ignition on like it should do. The car seems a litte sluggish too it does go but it seems like it is struggling somewhere.
  20. Mk6 Brakes Upgrade

    it really does depend on why you want the brakes if for asthetics or if your planning on pushing the power that youll need them to stop?
  21. Mk6 Brakes Upgrade

    Ap Racing is offering me two brake kits, the one for the Focus RS, is way more cheap than for Escort! In almost 400£! Sizes, content, everything is the same, they're floating discs, the only thing that changes is the caliper bracket, disc bell, and hoses. That's ridiculous. But, do you recommend me to by the Focus kit for my Escort?
  22. Mk6 Brakes Upgrade

    Yes they have to be spaced or they will rub on the caliper mounting points
  23. Mr

    Is it true I can reset my 2008 Mondeo BCMI by disconnecting the battery and reconnecting 3x fast
  24. Mk6 Brakes Upgrade

    If I don't use the spacer, it will catch on the caliper mount? Thanks for the answer.
  25. 2004 fan only works on full

    will likely be the heater blower resistor simple bolt off and on job 5 minutes
  26. Mk6 Brakes Upgrade

    focus rs brembo brakes can be made to fit you need to put a 5mm spacer behind the 325 disc and have an adapter bracket made up to correct where the caliper sits that will need to be 12mm plate if memory serves
  27. My fan only works when it is on number 4 the full setting can anyone help thanks wayne
  28. Mk6 Brakes Upgrade

    Do 325mm discs from Focus RS Mk1 fit Escort Mk6? Cheers, mates.
  29. DTC P0351

    Hi guys I have a 2004 Mk1 Focus 1.8 petrol. After a great deal of trouble , DTC code P0351 came up but replacing the coil , plugs and checking the connection to the coil and the HT leads has made no difference. The car still idles terribly with no power and seems like it's only firing on three cylinders whereas I'm sure it's actually firing on all 4 in reality. My question is , if everything tested fine and new plugs and coil were fitted , what else could cause this particular fault code to display ? Thanks in anticipation
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