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  4. mk4 fitting a trip computer

    How is the RS turbo one calibrated difrent?
  5. Got a mk4 2.2 titanium x sport. Wanting a more a more aggresive, wider stance. Thinking about 25mm spacers on the front and 20mm on the back to bring the tyres out to the top of the arches. Has anyone done this or had any problems doing this please?
  6. If its the traditional ford style thermostat housing with the removable faceplate there is usually a rubber seal between the two mating faces that perishes very common problem on a lot of fords
  7. Further to the first post, It seems it is the actual thermostat housing. Where it fits onto the engine block itself, assume it is a gasket or O-ring inside?
  8. Hi, I noticed a recently that I lost my heating inside. I checked the coolant and it was nearly empty. Topped it up to Max and within 20 miles down the motorway to get home it was down to quarter of a tank of coolant left which is a considerable loss. Checked yesterday with the engine running parked up to see If i could see any visible leaks but found nothing but residue (pink / coolant) but no actual seepage during the running even when engine was up to temperature. Today i did the same however now I can see the coolant seeping out (seeps out in surges with bubbles). I originally thought the leak was from a pipe just lower down (returns to bottom of radiator near fan) as i could feel lots of coolant there with my finger and it was pink everywhere with residue but then I didn't see the seeping above it, (which is another pipe but attached to the large diameter pipe below within the same block ) until i started the engine so it seems it was just running down from there onto the lower pipe. I have attached some pictures to show where the leak is coming from. I was wondering if anyone here has had the same issue and how much it would cost to repair? Many thanks
  9. Hey Guys, So some days ago I bought a mK1 Ford Mondeo 1.8 Diesel. At first, everything was working perfectly until I couldn't change the gears anymore. The clutch pedal stopped working (i pressed it and it didn't come back). So I opened the bonnet and started looking around. And I found this box kindathing just hanging around. so does anyone knows where it goes?? or how to fix it?????
  10. mr

    ford focus 2006 2.0tdci. keeps blowing turbo pipes due to too much pressure. have replace turbo/intercooler pipe
  11. Dashboard

    Have 2014 focus auto estate just wanted to know should the dashboard be lit all the time even with no lights on
  12. Tachometer install

    you could just buy the escort dials with the rev counter in they plug straight in and the rev counter works
  13. if you dont have the audio booklet with the car that usually has the code in then you need the serial number off the stereo itself which you have to remove it to get being a 2009 i would expect the serial number to start with a V which for 99p on ebay someone will get you the code, if it were an M code i could get you it for nothing
  14. Hello I have a ford escort mk6 1997 1.6 16v and it got no rev counter, I brought one online and I can't seem to find where the signal wire goes can anyone help !
  15. Modeo titainium with sony radio 09 reg Lost code. How do I unlock it
  16. Speakers

    Wondering if anyone can help me I just got a Ford Focus 2008 and wondering if they are meant to have 4 speakers not two
  17. 2012 TDCi Titanium

    Hello, I am looking at buying a 2012 2.0 TDCi Titanium 5 door and I was wondering if you guys could tell me of any horror I should be looking out for please, it has done 140,000 miles which I know is a lot but it has a dealer service history. Thanks in advance, Neil
  18. Hi there everyone

    Hi all, My name is Neil from Manchester, I currently drive a Land Rover Discovery but I am looking at getting a 2012 MK 4 TDCi Titanium in the next week or two.
  19. Hello. I need some help in finding a good independent ford garage in London (I live in hackney) do some work on my 06 focus please. Its a 1.6 ti vct engine and I needed to get the following done: -timing belt, tensioner and water pump replacement (is now on 66000 miles) -replace the thermostat as the coolant and engine temp goes down when I drive. ( I understand these are different in ti vct engines) -auxiliary belts for alternator and ac (need help to find these online also) Looking at my Haynes manual I have seen these online which seem to be what I need https://www.toolstoday.co.uk/sealey-petrol-engine-setting-locking-kit-ford-1-6ti-vct-belt-drive?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI39D868v12QIVpLDtCh2DngfcEAQYASABEgJI-_D_BwE https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Ford-Timing-Belt-Kit-Water-Pump-Timing-Belt-1780142-1-25-1-4-1-6/401242291945?epid=1837160328&hash=item5d6be77ee9:g:I3AAAOSw37tWCl6l https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FOCUS-MK2-1-6-16V-TI-VCT-THERMOSTAT-COMPLETE-HOUSING-1345512/221964898637?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D43782%26meid%3D7f20c44a49db4d3cbe48b85f784a76db%26pid%3D100623%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D222732613949%26itm%3D221964898637&_trksid=p2047675.c100623.m-1 but wanted to know if a garage would have the needed timing and vct tools or should I buy them? Also as this is a complex job do you have any recommendations for ford garages in east london and how much it this all likely to cost please. Thanks Sean
  20. Hi I'm new to the ford club forum i have always had an interest in fords since a very young age I am now 19 I am currently a panel beater with basic mechanical knowledge I have bought a Mk6 3dr escort and wanted some suggestions on what engine to put into it I will be doing a full restoration on the car too open to any suggestions
  21. Mrs

    I had a similar problem with my car a few years ago after weeks heavy snow. Several pairs of feet just kept bringing the stuff into the car and it eventually began freezing against the windows. To fix, I had to garage the car and run a small dehumidifier in it for a few days to dry it out. If you have air conditioning, try running it with the cabin recirculation on. Dehums and aircon are pretty much the same thing and remover moisture from the air that passes through it. Dehum is the easier option. You would need to do alot of driving for air con to do the job
  22. 2003 Filler neck

    Needing to replace the filler neck on my Fusion. After brimming the tank I returned from paying to find a puddle appearing from underneath. Found the badly rusted filler pipe was leaking around the point it goes into the tank. I just got the car, and it seems the pipe goes into a short rubber tube before the tank. I'm not sure if this is a botch job, or there is supposed to be a tube that connects the filler pipe, to the tank. I have purchased a used neck from a breakers and can't see how it it would connect to anything but a rubber tube. Any help with my questions, advice and instruction on completing the job would be much appreciated. Pic of replacement neck attached. Thanks
  23. mk4 fitting a trip computer

    Can you fit a trip computer to mfi xr3i if so can some one please tell me how to do it the two sockets under the back seat are they something to do with it
  24. Ignition Mondeo/Contour

    Hello everyone! I have this question: Does Ford Mondeo mk2 170hp 2.5l 1999 have the same ignition wires as Ford Contour 2.5l mk2 LX 1999? When I'm looking for Cables For Mondeo I see that they splited them to two parts as Left cylinders and Right cylinders. And when I'm looking for the same part for Ford Contour I'm finding one set of cables (6 pcs.). Question: If I buy Ignition wires for Contour, can I install them in my Mondeo?
  25. Mr

    Hello fellow Capri owners.. Hope you don't mind if I pick your brains for minute.. I have a lovely if very troublesome 1983 2.8i. I am currently/reluctantly having the engine rebuilt due to needing a Crank regrind & Re-bore.. Well, that much is done and I've been advised that I should do something with the camshaft before refit.. So my question is: What are my options? Instead of re-shaping the old one I was thinking of having a new one (because the cost isn't to much different and I only plan on going through this once!).. A new faster one for a bit more performance. So can anyone please give me some useful information regarding which one to get and what additional work would need to be done in order to get good cost effective results? Thank you for you time and wisdom! Scott.
  26. Hi, Does anybody knows what car's spare part I have to look for in USA that fits whit ford mondeo 2010?
  27. Hi. I've owned my Mk4 Titanium for 7 years and never had any problems with it. I'm trading it in tomorrow against a newer Mondeo and yesterday the Convers+ screen went black! I installed an android head unit 3 years ago which worked worked fine and didn't affect the Convers+ screen (it has a can bus decoder so the steering-wheel controls still worked too). I took the Android out earlier in the week and put the original Sony DAB 6CD unit back in. Everything worked fine for a few days and then the Convers+ screen just went black whilst the car was idling. I've tried the head unit reset (via a power button long press) and I've removed and refitted the HU. I've also checked all of the fuses under the bonnet and charged the battery overnight but nothing has changed. Open to suggestions or ideas! Thanks
  28. Hey guys, I have a Mondeo edge 09 2L manual with 45K mileage. It was in a perfectly good condition when I bought it 9 months ago. I changed front tyres 2 months ago since they were wearing thin (new ones are Goodyear 215/55 R16 93W, rear tyres still Hifly 215/55 R16 97W XL). I also got a 4-wheel alignment. Since then began experiencing sudden swerving of the car to either side when driving on uneven roads, bumps, ruts.. etc. It's more noticeable around the back and on high speeds (40 MPH+). It's usually accompanied by some change in steering wheel direction. Done some research and I guess it's called tramlining but again not sure. Also not sure if it were there before I change the tyres cause I bought it in summer when roads were even, changed them in winter around the time roads became horrible. I checked it in a local garage which found nothing wrong with the suspension. Went back to the guy who fitted the new tyres to check alignment and suspension, said alignment is fine but the rearside offside control/trailing arm bushing is "wornish" and it might be the cause, would cost £90 and recommended doing it on both sides. He didn't seem very sure though, so I thought better than just do it. Now I'm at loss. I don't know what this is or where I should go to get this fixed! Any help or recommendations? I'm in Nottingham by the way. Thank you.
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