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  2. Mrs

    I had a similar problem with my car a few years ago after weeks heavy snow. Several pairs of feet just kept bringing the stuff into the car and it eventually began freezing against the windows. To fix, I had to garage the car and run a small dehumidifier in it for a few days to dry it out. If you have air conditioning, try running it with the cabin recirculation on. Dehums and aircon are pretty much the same thing and remover moisture from the air that passes through it. Dehum is the easier option. You would need to do alot of driving for air con to do the job
  3. 2003 Filler neck

    Needing to replace the filler neck on my Fusion. After brimming the tank I returned from paying to find a puddle appearing from underneath. Found the badly rusted filler pipe was leaking around the point it goes into the tank. I just got the car, and it seems the pipe goes into a short rubber tube before the tank. I'm not sure if this is a botch job, or there is supposed to be a tube that connects the filler pipe, to the tank. I have purchased a used neck from a breakers and can't see how it it would connect to anything but a rubber tube. Any help with my questions, advice and instruction on completing the job would be much appreciated. Pic of replacement neck attached. Thanks
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  5. mk4 fitting a trip computer

    Can you fit a trip computer to mfi xr3i if so can some one please tell me how to do it the two sockets under the back seat are they something to do with it
  6. Ignition Mondeo/Contour

    Hello everyone! I have this question: Does Ford Mondeo mk2 170hp 2.5l 1999 have the same ignition wires as Ford Contour 2.5l mk2 LX 1999? When I'm looking for Cables For Mondeo I see that they splited them to two parts as Left cylinders and Right cylinders. And when I'm looking for the same part for Ford Contour I'm finding one set of cables (6 pcs.). Question: If I buy Ignition wires for Contour, can I install them in my Mondeo?
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  8. Mr

    Hello fellow Capri owners.. Hope you don't mind if I pick your brains for minute.. I have a lovely if very troublesome 1983 2.8i. I am currently/reluctantly having the engine rebuilt due to needing a Crank regrind & Re-bore.. Well, that much is done and I've been advised that I should do something with the camshaft before refit.. So my question is: What are my options? Instead of re-shaping the old one I was thinking of having a new one (because the cost isn't to much different and I only plan on going through this once!).. A new faster one for a bit more performance. So can anyone please give me some useful information regarding which one to get and what additional work would need to be done in order to get good cost effective results? Thank you for you time and wisdom! Scott.
  9. Hi, Does anybody knows what car's spare part I have to look for in USA that fits whit ford mondeo 2010?
  10. Hi. I've owned my Mk4 Titanium for 7 years and never had any problems with it. I'm trading it in tomorrow against a newer Mondeo and yesterday the Convers+ screen went black! I installed an android head unit 3 years ago which worked worked fine and didn't affect the Convers+ screen (it has a can bus decoder so the steering-wheel controls still worked too). I took the Android out earlier in the week and put the original Sony DAB 6CD unit back in. Everything worked fine for a few days and then the Convers+ screen just went black whilst the car was idling. I've tried the head unit reset (via a power button long press) and I've removed and refitted the HU. I've also checked all of the fuses under the bonnet and charged the battery overnight but nothing has changed. Open to suggestions or ideas! Thanks
  11. Hey guys, I have a Mondeo edge 09 2L manual with 45K mileage. It was in a perfectly good condition when I bought it 9 months ago. I changed front tyres 2 months ago since they were wearing thin (new ones are Goodyear 215/55 R16 93W, rear tyres still Hifly 215/55 R16 97W XL). I also got a 4-wheel alignment. Since then began experiencing sudden swerving of the car to either side when driving on uneven roads, bumps, ruts.. etc. It's more noticeable around the back and on high speeds (40 MPH+). It's usually accompanied by some change in steering wheel direction. Done some research and I guess it's called tramlining but again not sure. Also not sure if it were there before I change the tyres cause I bought it in summer when roads were even, changed them in winter around the time roads became horrible. I checked it in a local garage which found nothing wrong with the suspension. Went back to the guy who fitted the new tyres to check alignment and suspension, said alignment is fine but the rearside offside control/trailing arm bushing is "wornish" and it might be the cause, would cost £90 and recommended doing it on both sides. He didn't seem very sure though, so I thought better than just do it. Now I'm at loss. I don't know what this is or where I should go to get this fixed! Any help or recommendations? I'm in Nottingham by the way. Thank you.
  12. Hard to select gear clutch is good seems to be when the car is cold have to turn it of select gear and she is fine when warmed up go's through the gears really smooth. Any help would be received with thanks.
  13. Ian

    Hi, I have a 2017 Focus and am unable to open the car using the key fob or the key. I drove to asda, locked it fine and was in for about 10 mins. When I came back out I couldn't open the car. Tried boot etc, but no luck. Had the battery changed and the key tested in Timpsons - still no luck. Anyone got any ideas?
  14. Paddy's gti

    On impulse this weekend just gone i bought some escort cossy's just if i fancy a change from the rs7's Just storing them with my rs7's for now
  15. Dougie

    Hi i am looking for a rear door handle for a 52 plate escort van, can anyone help
  16. How do i change boot switch on mk4 mondeo est
  17. Ford Focus diesel Econetic

    Hi there. I have a lovely 2013 Focus diesel Econetic. The stop start system has stopped working. I think there may have been a problem with it when I bought it (about two years ago now). On occasions the fan would kick in when I parked up sometimes even on short distances and it would run for about three or four minutes. The last time it happened, I had to wait (parked up) for five minutes before the fan stopped. I was worried as I had two dogs in the car as I thought it could have caught fire, so waited until the fan stopped. That incident only happened a few months ago so not in warm weather and I had travelled only about a quarter of a mile before parking. Since then, the stop/start has only worked once. I’m no mechanic but assume something must have burnt out (?). The car goes fine without it so should I be worried and/or get it fixed? It’s going for an MOT/service next week and I will ask them to look at it but would like independent advice beforehand as, like I said, I’m no mechanic and don’t want to be ripped off. Can anybody advise?
  18. P1132 code

    Hi all I hope I have posted on the right page I was wandering if someone could assist me with this p1132 code I have took a freeze frame with my diagnostic reader it reads DTCFRZF. P1132 FUELSYS1. OL FAULT FUELSYS2. N/A LOAD- PCT(%). 57.6 ETC (oC). 237 SHRTFT1. 1.6 LONGFT1 (%) 0.0 RPM(/mph). 2270 VSS (mph) 45 Cheers in advance guys
  19. I’ve read this is a common issue with Ford cars and wondered if anyone had an easy solution that isn’t going to cost too much! When I try to turn the key to get into the bonnet nothing happens. The front grill was replaced a few months ago following a front end bump but I haven't tried to acces the engine since then. There are a variety of YouTube videos on this problem but thought asking on this Forum would be a good ide before diving in. Car is a 2003 TDCi Ghia. My thoughts at the moment are to break off the front grill to gain access to the locking mechanism, sort it as easily and cheaply as possible, then replace the grill with one from scrap yard. Any advice is very welcome. Cheers Gary An
  20. FORD + TESLA

    possible? yes anything is .. do i want an electric powered car ... NO i can stand at the pump for a couple of minutes with my car will then go 600+ miles the tesla s85d (which was claimed to be the tesla with the greatest range in 2017) has a claimed range of 265 miles to a charge on there base lowest spec model and to charge fully again takes over 4.5 hours (the car itself costing £50000) the higher spec model will do 325 miles but this model costs £70000+ ... this technology isnt the future
  21. FORD + TESLA

  22. focus 2001 1.6 Oh dear. I'm hoping someone has heard of this story before, though i don't wish it on anyone ! A few weeks ago, during the M.O.T, the tester pointed out that when the breaks had been replaced the flexible break line(driver side) had been twisted when the caliper was re inserted. Now, as i had been the one changing the breaks (pads and discs), i put my hand up and said yeah, that's my fault and promptly drove home to take the caliper out, untwist the cable and get rid of that horrible fail certificate. So, the next morning, having done that I began the drive down to the centre. About halfway there the clutch pedal began to stiffen, this led to the small piston on the master clutch cylinder snapping and the loss of clutch control. Fast forward 3 days, i get a new master cylinder, and replace it without much difficulty. I than drive down to the centre and get a pass ! Happy days. or so i thought.... 3 weeks later I'm setting off from work and it begins to stiffen again, within seconds it snaps off again sad face indeed. This is a brand new master cylinder. the clutch itself was replaced early last year and both pads and discs late last year. So does anyone have any idea whether there is a strange connection between this twisted break line and the the failure of the master cylinder? why did it take three weeks for it to happen again? was it a coincidence? Am I being paranoid? Help!!! Please.
  23. Mrs

    Hi can anyone help me please I have a 63 plate Ford Focus the windscreen inside it streaming wet I have had ice in the inside and most days I have to use a chammy it it dripping wet any ideas please
  24. Focus Mechanical Advice

    Hi. Sometimes the master cylinder leaks and fluid runs into the servo so no leaks are visible in the engine bay or inside or under the car. You need to remove the master cylinder and servo to see.
  25. Hi there ive a mk7 2013 2.2 t280 fwd wife was driving other day turned off and wouldnt fire back up put obd on and came back with attatched photos anyone any ideas please it will fire up on easy start but wont run without it thanks in advance for any help
  26. faulty steering rack

    i wouldnt personally with no fluid in the system your pump is running dry which causes increased friction and heat and can quickly cause expensive damage, also driving a car you know is faulty to the point of dangerous on the road if you were in an accident could cause some legal issues aswell
  27. Mr

    I have a 2011 focus TDCI 1.6. For a while now when driving along if you put your foot down a bit to overtake the engine revs up and down almost as if the clutch is slipping. This is not the case as the clutch was replaced two years ago. Could it be the turbo.
  28. faulty steering rack

    hi everyone, just been recovered by the RAC apparently my steering rack has broke, they made me drive the car home and followed me, my question is will it be ok to drive it with a faulty steering rack? the fluid has come out, i can not get it in to the garage to be repaired for 2-3 weeks and wonder if it would be ok to drive until then? thanks
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