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  3. DTC P0351

    Hi guys I have a 2004 Mk1 Focus 1.8 petrol. After a great deal of trouble , DTC code P0351 came up but replacing the coil , plugs and checking the connection to the coil and the HT leads has made no difference. The car still idles terribly with no power and seems like it's only firing on three cylinders whereas I'm sure it's actually firing on all 4 in reality. My question is , if everything tested fine and new plugs and coil were fitted , what else could cause this particular fault code to display ? Thanks in anticipation
  4. Hi please can I ask a question, I have a 2015 Focus Titanium and the panel on the dash board that houses the radio on/off, tune+,tune-, source,disp,cd eject and hazard warning light button does not illuminate at all until the cd eject button is pressed and cd ejected. Does anybody know if this is correct? Thanks David W
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  6. Hi everyone and a very Happy New Year to you all, Well, now we're finally in 2018, it's time for the Dunston Hall meet to start again, I know it's early in the year for some but we'll still be there to meet and greet anyone who fancies a chat over a coffee/Tea, Fizzy Stuff etc. So we're not worried about what you turn up in as we'll be inside in the warm unless you feel like blowing the cobwebs Same time 12pm-3pm, same great place! Hope to see you there!
  7. Hi guys. I'm new to this site so I hope I don't break any forum 'taboos' ! I have a problem with my 2004 Focus 1.8 petrol. My car suddenly started to lose power and when I stopped , it ran really 'lumpy' The breakdown guy towed me home and then performed a diagnostic test which gave the error code P0351 and said it indicated a faulty coil. It turns out that I have no spark on cylinder number one so I checked the resistances in the coil and the HT leads which all seemed to be satisfactory (according to my Haynes manual) leading me to suspect a faulty plug. When I removed the plugs , number one had an excessively large gap so I thought I'd found the problem but the problem was still there ! Still being reluctant to blame the coil , I did some online research and discovered that the coil in my wife's 2004 Fiesta shared the same specifications as the coil in my Focus , so I temporarily swapped them over together with the HT leads. This made no difference at all ! My wife's Fiesta ran perfectly well with my coil and HT leads and my car still failed to run properly using her Fiesta's components so I'm now assuming that if my coil and HT leads work perfectly well in my wife's car , they must be perfectly good ! I understand that these coils work on the 'wasted spark' principle and that one coil operates plugs 1 and 4 and the other coil operates plugs 2 and 4. Surely this means that if plug 4 is firing , then the fault can't possibly be the coil , the wiring between the coil and ECU , or the coil 'switching' mechanism in the ECU itself (coil drivers) , otherwise NO plugs would fire OR only 2 and 3 would fire ! I'm totally baffled by this ! Any advice would be so very gratefully appreciated ! Many thanks ! 🙂
  8. Hi Not sure if this is the right place for this post, apologies if not and feel free to move it if course. After much research into my next car I have settled on a MK4 Mondeo, in a few days I'm going to view a 2011 (60 plate) 2.0 Ecoboost (203 PS) Titanium X Sport with the powershift gearbox. (I think it's MK4?) Currently I have a Golf R on a lease but it goes back early March and I need something more suitable for a young growing family, but without losing every single ounce of fun and comfort for my 30 mile daily commute, the Mondeo seems to tick all of the right boxes and reviews are unanimously positive, I think the model I'm going to see is quite rare? I certainly haven't seen many for sale anyway. So my point... I figured this would be a good place to ask for help and advice on any particular things to look for, check, or make sure x has been changed/serviced. For example I've read people saying the powershift gearbox must have an oil/fluid change every 12500 miles or they can play up? But don't know if that's a genuine area of concern or not. I know very little about cars in honesty, no idea really what to look for or listen for when viewing and test driving a possible new car, it'll be from a small dealership not private seller, but I'd like to go there and at least give the impression that I know the car and what to look for, so I nil wondered if anyone here might be kind enough to offer any info and tips? Thanks in advance. Geoff Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  9. PAS pipe leak

    Hiya, First time on the forum and need a bit of help please. I need to identify the pipe and clarify if it can be replaced or repaired individually or is it part of an assembly. I think it's a PAS pipe as it only leaks badly when engine is running Picture attached. Many thanks in advance.
  10. Engine light r

    Hi there! I’ve had my little ka since June now and my engine light has come on, it judders when I drive it and then the engine light flashes, I’ve stopped driving it and I’ve taken it too the garage and the reader is coming up with a misfire and an injector? Can anyone help is this serious? And also he’s said I have a pist
  11. Ford Escort MK4 x3ri

    How can I recognize that escort mk 4 is xr3 or not pls?
  12. Mr

    Ford Focus 1.6 2011 plate noise in engine like loose ball bearings
  13. driver seat raising issues?

    Hi there in having the same problom with mine it won't go down but the motor is still working . Did ubfix your problom
  14. Good Evening to all, Could someone please tell me what the little black trim part on the rear door hinge i called and where i can gwt a replacement from please, as someone as tried to steal one of mine and snapped it from my van leaving me with onw missing Please see picture below.
  15. Hi All, Just one from me……. Would just like to wish everyone on here especially those from the Dunston Hall & Hampton Meets who I have had the pleasure of meeting this year a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. I’m hoping that next year especially for our local Dunston Meet that we can get more attendance not just from our local Members / Forums but also other Clubs & Forums that I have invited along, it’s a handful but I think we can work it! Hopefully in the New Year @SargeST (Ian) from the FocusSTOC Forum will have a new meet near Kings Lynn starting that we can also attend and support making the East of England a very active Region with lots of variety, so keep a look out for that one happening very soon! @Liam G still has the Bury & Ipswich meets on a Wednesday night and of course not forgetting @DarkHorse (Richards) Hampton Meet, so plenty of time for it not to clash with the Dunston meet Richard and finally don’t forget if you’re interested in an event/show whatever then let me know and we’ll see what we can do, I.e Ford Power Live!, Rolling Road Days, Days Out, Coffee…Whatever! So once again, thank you for your continued support as ever and have a safe festive Christmas & New Year and we’ll see you all soon! Next Dunston Hall meet Sunday 14th January between 12pm – 3pm
  16. Hi everyone...im new to this forum...please can someone help me with a problem..Ive started to get a loud clicking noise from my clutch pedal (cable clutch)...the car is a 1.8 Mistral Mondeo Mk1 (M Plate, 1994). Its been like it for about 5 weeks now...pedal still works as it should but its starting to worry me as i'm worried it will go bang!! Ive been underneath and managed to get my hand on the quadrant and i noticed you can move it around 3 or 4mm from side-to-side...is this right?? If i push the quadrant to the right the pedal doesnt click whatsoever...but if i push it to the left the pedal clicks!! Whats going on here...does anyone know? 😳 Please help.
  17. Only a few turned up in the lovely sleety/snowy weather but as the weather gets better more will pop along. Just to add, Anyone is more than welcome, even though this meet was originally started by myself from the MSTOC, it's open to everyone and any clubs. I've already posted on ST-OC, STdriveRS, PassionFord, Ford Owners Club, Ford Club, a few Facebook Regional Groups and many more still to go. I'm not interested in poaching members, this meet is aimed at bringing Enthusiasts together from all over the East of England. All I ask is that you drive sensibly within the beautiful grounds of Dunston Hall, no revving or back-popping of exhausts and keep your stereo volumes low. I would really hate for us to lose this fantastic venue because of a silly moment. Dunston Hall is a fantastic venue, if you fancy a carvery on Sunday then pop in, or if you would like tea on the terrace or sit in the beautiful conservatory for a chat if the weather is unpleasant then they are more than accommodating. and lastly, if you want a photo in front of the Hall, then I'm sure that can be arranged. Let's just enjoy the cars and enthusiasts and I hope to see you all soon. 2nd Sunday of every month between 12pm - 3pm
  18. Hi, I have just purchased SGL 409L (V4 2000GT) and would like to improve the appearance of the Vinyl Roof. looking for product recommendations to achieve this Thanks
  19. Just a 'Bump' for tomorrows meet
  20. Hey everyone, If you're looking for a East of England meet, then look no further, we have a fantastic venue situated at the Dunston Hall where food and drink is always available. Dunston Hall is on the outskirts of Norwich on the A140. We have been holding meets here for the last 8 months and is growing in popularity. So if you're around on any 2nd Sunday on the month then why not pop along and have a chat with liked minded Enthusiasts. All we ask is that you drive sensibly to and from the venue and no loud revving or sound systems please.
  21. Hi all

    Hello everyone I am new on here and I drive a Ford focus sport
  22. Hey there I'm looking for someone with a Red Ford Mondeo (2003 or early 2000s) for some reconstruction filming. This is will be taking place in and around Manchester on the 14th/15th December. If you have something that could fit the bill and would like to know more about this you can email me at Kate.flanagan@itv.com Many thanks
  23. Servicing in Glasgow

    Hi, first time on here and looking for advice. I have a diesel modeo ST TDCI estate 05. Really like the car and it was in great shape when I bought it 2 years ago. These days it has a few rattles and clunks and im looking for any recommended garages in the Glasgow area who can give it a bit of an overhaul. I wasn't terribly happy with the last service it had as, if anything, the car felt worse afterwards and seemed to go through a lot more fuel. Anyone know of a great mechanic in Glasgow? Thanks in advance!
  24. mr

    Transit mk5 smiley v reg long wheel base with a short propshaft measures 235cm needed not standard length thanks
  25. Mrs

    Hi I’m assuming your mondeo is a diesel, all mk3 mondeo engines be they petrol or diesel have a cam chain the diesel’s fuel pump is mounted to the front of the engine and driven by the chain so changing it means a new chain usually when the impeller on the pump goes it contaminates the fuel lines the injectors and fuel tank when my 54 plates pump went the quotes I was getting were close to 2k so I made the choice to scrap the mondeo and buy another car
  26. Gearbox cold weather

    Hi, Tonight the weather has been cold 2 degrees. I drove my Ford Focus zetec MK2 automatic and then after from where I had finished an hour later, I decided to drive home. I noticed for the first time ever, my gearbox was struggle to change in between gears but after a little while it returned to normal. Anyone have any ideas what this could be?
  27. Mr

    When using my washer jets for either front or rear for example on the back the front wipers move instead and the same on the front? Any ideas?
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