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  2. Fuse problems

    My reversing lights do not work as well as my cig lighter supply. Ive checked the fuses but all are ok, my next job is the reversing light switch but Im puzzled regarding the cig lighter, and ideas??
  3. Last week
  4. Help needed - fuel pipe

    Thats quite a serious leak. Your best bet would be to trace the ends of the pipe and see if it looks to be an easy removeable part. If so try a breaker to find the replacement pipe. If not drop it into a garage for a quote. It may be difficult to bleed fuel back through again after the change though
  5. Central Locking-a common problem

    Do you still have these modules? My details a.bloomer72@hotmail.com
  6. Focus Mechanical Advice

    Krisdadude online about 1 hour ago · #1 Steering Wheel Wobble (NOT WHEELS) I have had my 2010 focus 1.8 zetec s 3 door for 4 months. Since Day one the steering wheel has a wobble from 60mph+ most notible from 60-70 and when accelerating. It seems identical to a wheel balance issue but is not. FYI: I have had the tyres balanced 20 times didnt help. New wheels and tyres both balanced numerous times, swapped front to backs vice versa. Still wobbling. New drive shafts left and right. Since the new drive shafts the vibration has increased slightly and i seem to have more vibration on acceleration up to 60mph then steering wheel wobble, it also can be intermittent, not sure whether it is caused by road up or downhill. Dont know but I could be feeling accelerator vibration also but could be just clutching at straws. All but one mechanic I speak to doesnt have any ideas, spoken to approx 12 different mechanics, the one who had ideas just named a big list to go through. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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  8. Help needed - fuel pipe

    Hi, I have a fuel leak (see picture) when the engine is running and am in need of some advice. Is it a garage jobby and can I fix this myself by ordering a certain part? My car is a 2007 Mondeo Titanium Petrol 2.0 ltr Any help is much appreciated
  9. The World's Best Fiesta.............?

    Hi Fordclub members,' We encounter plenty of people who own tidy Ford's but the following article produced by us here at Flux does take it to another level. As to being the 'World's Best Fiesta,' this is widely open to debate and interpretation, but if you get a moment please feel free to read the following that we have produced here at Adrian Flux.............. https://www.adrianflux.co.uk/blog/2017/09/worlds-best-fiesta-xr2.html Dan
  10. Crankshaft Pulley

    Hi there, the pulley isnt really a service pert ergo it doesnt have a stated life expectancy like cambelts but the general consensus by people is it should last at least 70k id say it will defiantly outlast your mondeo
  11. Crankshaft Pulley

    Hi There, My Mondeo 2006 Diesel has just passed the MOT however I have been advised to change the Crankshaft Pulley. My insurrance is renewal date is in December and I do not intend to renew and scrap the car as I have had to many trouble. Is it possible to estimate the chance that the pulley will last another 1000 miles ? I cannot hear any specific noise and the the current Pulley has been replaced just over a year ago when the previous one failed. A common problem as it seems ? Thanks !
  12. Focus Mechanical Advice

    underneath the car near the fuel tank
  13. Focus Mechanical Advice

    Hello, Cld someone help me locate the fuel filter on my focus 2008 zetec 1.6 hatchback, cant find it. It's clogged n affecting the performance. Cant replace coz I cant find it. Thanks in advance
  14. Trailing arm rubber bushes

    Cortina mk4 trailing arm rubber bushes wanted - upper - front rear lower - front
  15. mr wilkinson

    yaw sensor location on 2010 2.2 swb transit van
  16. Paddy's gti

    Too nice to put in a car
  17. 2002 petrol/lpg 2.3 Transit Piston rings

    Have you spoken to any main dealers or parts places yourself?
  18. 2002 petrol/lpg 2.3 Transit Piston rings

    Hi Folks Am brand new here. My van has been off the road for 9 weeks. Mech tells me piston rings unobtainable. I doubt this. I MIGHT have found some at partsinmotion, whom I'm hoping to hear from in the morning. Any other recomendations, should this fail, please? Thanks Steve
  19. Paddy's gti

    not a massive update but engine wiring is near done been modifying the standard looms to tuck them out of sight for aesthetic reasons
  20. David starsmore

    Brilliant thank you I'll look at that, and thanks for the welcom
  21. Hi guys Opie Oils have a pair of tickets to Knockhill Racing Circuit up for grabs, so if you and a guest fancy spending the day watching the Scottish Championship Car Racing this Sunday, then you may be in luck! To be in with a chance of winning these tickets, all you have to do is drop us a PM titled SMRC 10TH. In the message, please include your full name, the name of your guest, your address, telephone number and email address - this will make sure that we can get in touch with you as quickly as possible after the winner has been selected. - Please only apply if you are able to attend on Sunday 10th Spetember, as it would be a shame for the tickets to go to waste - Should you be the lucky winner of these tickets, your guest and yourself will meet a member of the David Sleigh Race Team at the gates at 10:30AM on Sunday 10th September. They will then provide you with your passes and bring you accross to their race awning, skipping the waiting lines. Here, you can meet this awesome racing team, hang out for the day and have some lunch whilst watching one of the best events of the season. "Scottish Championship Car Racing organised by the SMRC, has a superb range of racing classes, a super-slick racing format with around 18 races to entertain you during an action-packed afternoon. Valuable Championship points will be up-for-grabs as the leading racers jostle for the top of the Championship standings, as we reach the penultimate round in the 2017 season. Traditionally, this is when championship challenges are made and expect to see the best racers in each class battle hard at the front of the grid for those all-important race wins" You can find full details of the event HERE, and David Sleigh Racings page HERE. Please feel free to drop us a line too if you need any further information, we're in the office Monday to Friday 8:30 - 5:30 on 01209 202 944 or via email on sales@opieoils.co.uk. As the event is for this weekend, get those messages in quick, the winner will be picked at random and contacted by Thursday 7th at the latest. Best of luck guys! Cheers, Oilman
  22. David starsmore

    hi and welcome to ford club id suggest if the wiring and fuses look good that maybe your stalk is faulty
  23. Mr

    the noise you describe could be the level adjust motor had a similar issue on my car when they break they whir constantly (if your car has adjustable height lights) park facing a wall when its dark and adjust them using the switch chances are you will only notice the beam on the headlight that doesnt whir do up / down full beam i would assume to be a stalk problem
  24. David starsmore

    My ford galaxy drivers side full beam won't work, I've changed the bulb I've checked the connector and the wiring and all seam fine any help would be gratefully accepted thank you in advance if you can help out
  25. Mr

    I have an issue with the drivers side full beam won't work I've checked the connector that seams fine as well as the wiring, but I have noticed a constant whiring noise coming from the ppassanger side lights area any idea what it could be please ??
  26. spoilers

    plenty of groups on facebook, make sure it comes off the right shape car spoilers off of 5 doors only fit the 5 door spoilers off the 3 doors only fit 3 door
  27. Stereo

    disconnect from power source and reconnect should restart it then it should begin to countdown from 1 hour
  28. I bet no body nocks out the old inner bearing shell befor putting a new bearing in? All ways done rear wheel bearings to 190 ft pounds.replaced rear bearings twice in 17 years on my rs2000. Andyred
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