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  1. Help needed - fuel pipe

    Thats quite a serious leak. Your best bet would be to trace the ends of the pipe and see if it looks to be an easy removeable part. If so try a breaker to find the replacement pipe. If not drop it into a garage for a quote. It may be difficult to bleed fuel back through again after the change though
  2. Paddy's gti

    Too nice to put in a car
  3. 2002 petrol/lpg 2.3 Transit Piston rings

    Have you spoken to any main dealers or parts places yourself?
  4. Different tyre sizes for MK5 Escorts?

    Look at the tyre size. On the tyre it should say something like 185/60/14 or something. The last number will be the wheel size. So 14 would mean 14 inch
  5. Car reg

    Vin number on vehicle should match the log book. If not. Walk away
  6. My focus derv

    Looks sweet as
  7. Mk4 mondeo titanium

    Haha, Hopefully get to a few next year. House renovations have been killing me for the past few years
  8. mr w

    They may not have made one for the MK2 yet
  9. Greetings All

    Hi and welcome
  10. Escort MK5 motor vibration in neutral

    Possible thrust bearing?
  11. Mk4 mondeo titanium

    Hey Phil, been a while
  12. My focus derv

    Nice. Have an 05 plate Mk2 1.6 TDCi myself at the moment. Cheap transport but turbo issues
  13. Forums are up!

    Yup yup yippage
  14. Hi,newbie from swansea

    Hi and welcome to FordClub
  15. Any F1 fans around?

    Always a fan of F1 but def not a fan of the new style qualifying

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