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  1. Another RS

    Oh lovely
  2. The Ford Club Random Chat Thread

  3. 1.4 Orion GL

    Good evening all.signed in my other account due to list details anyway.got some alloy wheel cleaner and did my exhaust with it came up really good.and got some air freshener love these and at 4 quid a pot it's worth every penny. Bought some new wipers next is new coil springs as mine are bouncing all over lol.
  4. 1.4 Orion GL

    Afternoon all I've moved got myself a garage for my car all nice and dry lol.
  5. Vinnyvangough Sub & Amps

    wats the bass like on them
  6. my ice

    i have 1000watt jbl sub and jbl 400 watt amp and it is loud best subs ive had and iam after another one
  7. Vinnyvangough Sub & Amps

    them subs you got are no good at all mine will blow them in ive got jbl 1000watt mint bass and loud go for somthing better **
  8. stickers

    re sticker my ** dad owns a banner company and he is startin makin stickers in all sizes i can ask him if you want
  9. stickers

    hi just askin if you do fec car stickers or not
  10. hello

    thank you i will
  11. hello

    no not yet but thing iam might get a 5 door 1.4efi with 17 inch alloys exhaust ive already got one which iz 5 inch big bore door handles inside sparyed same color as car chrome engine head cover up and inlatmanifold plus other bits
  12. for sale jbl sub and amp

    right i have a gt4 12 inch sub and 2/1 channel 400 watt amp in good condition 1000 watt sub very loud and deep bass sell for 55 pound ono pick up from manchester/bolton
  13. hello

    hi my name is ashley iam buyin a ford escort in 4 weeks so i signed up early at the moment i drive a reno 19. this will be my 3 rd escort ive had 1.4 3door efi escort and a 1.6 16v dohc 5 door and i dont like renault ive missed my escorts so iam gettin one soon as thanks

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