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  1. ford fusion help please

    Hi i recentl got a ford fusion and i am having problems with the dash lights and rear number plate light , i have changed the fuse but these are still not working ,can anyone please advise me on this as its to replace a mobility car that was taken off my wife .so far i have been unable to solve this problem and its driving me nuts
  2. Ford Fusion 1.4 zetec help

    Hi i have just got a ford fusion zetec 1.4 petrol .06 plate but i am having problems trying to find the fuse in the glove compartment that does the rear number plate and cluster for the speedo . i have done a bit of research and think the fuse diagram is the same as the ford fiesta mk6 can anybody confirm this ? and fuse no . please the other side of the glove compartment when it comes out is completely different from the fiesta mk6 i am lost and confude . any help would be much appreciated John

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