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  1. Mrs

    I had a similar problem with my car a few years ago after weeks heavy snow. Several pairs of feet just kept bringing the stuff into the car and it eventually began freezing against the windows. To fix, I had to garage the car and run a small dehumidifier in it for a few days to dry it out. If you have air conditioning, try running it with the cabin recirculation on. Dehums and aircon are pretty much the same thing and remover moisture from the air that passes through it. Dehum is the easier option. You would need to do alot of driving for air con to do the job
  2. 2003 Filler neck

    Needing to replace the filler neck on my Fusion. After brimming the tank I returned from paying to find a puddle appearing from underneath. Found the badly rusted filler pipe was leaking around the point it goes into the tank. I just got the car, and it seems the pipe goes into a short rubber tube before the tank. I'm not sure if this is a botch job, or there is supposed to be a tube that connects the filler pipe, to the tank. I have purchased a used neck from a breakers and can't see how it it would connect to anything but a rubber tube. Any help with my questions, advice and instruction on completing the job would be much appreciated. Pic of replacement neck attached. Thanks

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