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  1. Further to the first post, It seems it is the actual thermostat housing. Where it fits onto the engine block itself, assume it is a gasket or O-ring inside?
  2. Hi, I noticed a recently that I lost my heating inside. I checked the coolant and it was nearly empty. Topped it up to Max and within 20 miles down the motorway to get home it was down to quarter of a tank of coolant left which is a considerable loss. Checked yesterday with the engine running parked up to see If i could see any visible leaks but found nothing but residue (pink / coolant) but no actual seepage during the running even when engine was up to temperature. Today i did the same however now I can see the coolant seeping out (seeps out in surges with bubbles). I originally thought the leak was from a pipe just lower down (returns to bottom of radiator near fan) as i could feel lots of coolant there with my finger and it was pink everywhere with residue but then I didn't see the seeping above it, (which is another pipe but attached to the large diameter pipe below within the same block ) until i started the engine so it seems it was just running down from there onto the lower pipe. I have attached some pictures to show where the leak is coming from. I was wondering if anyone here has had the same issue and how much it would cost to repair? Many thanks

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