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  1. BREAKING - Escort 1.8 TD Van

    if the side skirts havent gone , il have them for sure. can collect sunday
  2. Last photo you took game.

    cant win them all,
  3. Vinyl wrapping

    ive done a few full wraps. if your doing it yourself use an air release vinyl. and avoid that chinese/ ebay vinyl. any questions give us a shout il help the best i can.
  4. Power = happy

    http://youtu.be/DG5YcGSE1qI this is another good one
  5. Last photo you took game.

    this afternoon, just befor i started faze 2 on it.
  6. A sort of newbie.... Saying hi :)

    lord lloyd ! how do!
  7. PDF question

    yea send it over if you want , i work with pdfs alot. just need the right program to edit them in
  8. Out of curiosity?

    im always kicking about.
  9. I will pay tonight plus i will also pay for ants, eddie and chris.
  10. http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1423.l2649
  11. not seen this in while.

    not 100% but i think they stayed together. crazy, she did a good job on it, scratched to bare metal.
  12. not seen this in while.

    There's a good storie behind this car. The lad that owned it was giving his mate a ride to a girl's house. When he got there his girlfriend drove past, saw his car and thought he was cheating. Later that night she keyed it hard. Ouch. I had no involve ment in the paint prep for this job. Nice car tho.
  13. Happy Birthday Thread

  14. not seen this in while.

    http://www.ebay.co.u...=item19dd1efc86 i wrapped this

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