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  1. seems like a limp home mode, have you got any readers to detect any faults
  2. Hi all

    welcome and sounds good your two escorts get some pictures up if you can!
  3. Blacktop conversion

    all belts have codes for lengths etc its usually a guessing game but ask a proper part supplier for a 6 ribbed one and try a few different lengths i'm sure you can return ones that don't work right
  4. Mk1 Focus front end repairs - Help please!

    the top one is the slam panel and the lower one should be a bumper support another name of front panel. both are easily replaceable and bolt on and off. but you will need a new grille and lock for the bonnet popper, its going to cost a fair bit from new you can try to look in scrappies to see if they have any spares or see anyone local is breaking a focus
  5. Steering wheel and gear stick shaking

    where did you get the tyres changed? I would advise getting them done by someone else who knows their stuff about tyres and balancing. ideally you should go back to the place you had them done as its their issue but you gotta go to somewhere that has the proper equipment rather than basic stuff as sometimes the cheaper equipment can't pick up the vital information or maybe they have faulty equipment
  6. Steering wheel and gear stick shaking

    buckled wheels, damaged suspension???
  7. its probably starting to play up! i would say better of changing it before it gets worse
  8. Clutch pedal

    allen type bolt just about the clutch pedal just have a play around with it and see how it goes!
  9. of course matey! sorry completely forgot! still got the paint for it and everything! i'll be working tomorrow and if weather is decent can help you fit it up and then take away for paint!
  10. Another pepper escort

    good lad order the bigger size with the negative number for low compression!
  11. i think I realised that after I posted I saw the 2004 unit and thought ey? lol!
  12. oh don't bother with them, get a ready made ISO adaptor for your car. they probably cost the same whats your car
  13. Battery Options For ST170?

    instead of ebay try a local euro car parts dealer. don't go for the cheaper Lion batteries but they do deals on bosch and other better batteries
  14. I don't have an answer for that one to be honest, what if you put the switch or a new switch back in and see what happens?
  15. they only way to get rid of lacquer peel is to get it blown off with compressed air and then get it prepped with sanding discs with a da and get a bodyshop to paint it! i'm a painter by trade like a few people on here. if you are local to me i'll be able to do it at work no problem but call around some bodyshops and ask for quotes

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