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  1. can't start For Sale threads

    Oh yer ! everything is fine and dandy !
  2. Progress Thread - Focus Ink 1.6

    -New battery DONE -New Coilpack DONE -New Headunit (well it's old now lol) DONE -Swapped Interior light for Map Readers From Ghia DONE -Activated the footwell lamps with Blue LED's DONE -Swapped bog standard festoon for bright blue LED ones.DONE -Swapped headlamps for Ultra white ones.DONE -Swapped sidelamps to white LED ones DONE -Reverted back to crappy sidebulbs as LED ones kept blowing. DONE -Fit a sub. Edge active 10" DONE -Get a new Clutch, it's slippppppppppppinnnnnnnngggggggggg DONE -Get new brakes DONE -Get new Timing Belt DONE -Get New Slave Cylinder DONE -Get New Front Discs DONE -Get New Pre-Tensioner DONE -Get New Pulley DONE -Get New Pinch Bolts DONE -Refresh 5/30 Oil DONE -Refresh Gearbox Oil DONE -Fit New Air Filter DONE -Refit blue LED interior light DONE -Pay for ticket to Ford Fair DONE -Check HT Leads are OK DONE -OK- Sparks fine on all four -Check Spark Plugs are OK DONE -OK- Sparks fine on all four -Check Smart Charge System DONE -OK- Still hold 14.4 volts at the battery -Check all other hoses are OK DONE -OK- Aside from crankcase no obvious splits -Give a nice clean / detailing -IN PROGRESS- -Fix Dent Booked 20th July -IN PROGRESS- - Get Excited and ready for Ford Fair -ONGOING-

    Also it struggles with complex folder structure and loads of music combined. Meaning if you have loads of music and easy folders its ok, and complex folders little music is also ok. For best practise deploy the following mechanism: One other bonus is that it can read FLAC files. These are the purest sound quality close to WAV but do not take up nearly as much as a WAV but unlike WAV can have higher sound properties like 24/96.
  4. can't start For Sale threads

    lol !
  5. can't start For Sale threads

    its fine iFixedit payed my dues tot he club - bug in paypal. GoLd MeMbEr
  6. best price for a fiesta

    I think if we said a high ish mileage one. It'll be her first car.
  7. I need more power as in battery....

    don't panic the car is fine. but seems my replacement battery i fitted ages ago aint up to cope with: -subwoofer being on -fan on full -air con on -recirculated air on -radio on pull from the start all power shot away, aircon off and she is fine. heh, not enuf juice I think. dents being fixed this month, then im off to get it detailed. then I be ok ready for ford fair.
  8. 1993 Ford Scorpio cosworth estate

    Another spammer
  9. I need more power as in battery....

    was a quick fix as I had to get to work. will be looking into getting a better one anyway. since I will eventually.be adding another amp for the speakers.
  10. New Ford Transit Custom

    Nothing like a good custom van. I used to be part of a transit club. Fairly common to see Cosworth engines in a mk5. someone done a mk6. Big fan of the transit. Such a sad shame to see the plant now being demolished in Eastleigh.
  11. Zetec with Rover T-Series Inlet

    looks ace if I am honest!
  12. The Ford Club Random Chat Thread

    Excited for ford fair, and excited to be working on another car when kay's gets her fiesta. Going multicar policy so I will be able to drive it. Then to get her to drive it to Ford Fair and other events next year.
  13. I need more power as in battery....

    err its an exide battery. I think i listed it in my progress thread.
  14. I need more power as in battery....

    I totally agree. its only when all thats on i loose power. drives fine tho. on to ford fair.
  15. I need more power as in battery....

    sounds like it. another project for me. Might get the aux belt looked at as well. just as a check. Feeling happy though. she be gleaming soon!
  16. Focus RS thefts

    Ahh Cheers for that.
  17. Spotted an oil leak under car.

    Suspected gearbox oil leak. Certainly not cylinder fluid, because that fluid is fine and topped up. everything else seems fine. Would this be the cause of sluggish behaviour? contamination perhaps?
  18. Spotted an oil leak under car.

    As a follow up this is all fixed, had a leak in the head and it was dripping down, After driving to guildford and back, and from southampton to portsmouth, then to new forest then back to portsmouth then back to southampton. No loss of oil.
  19. Focus RS thefts

    domain for sale
  20. Focus Radio surround mk1 facelift

    just need a blank surround, no switches etc. for doing a mod.
  21. New headunit

    So this morning my USB port has died on my pioneer. long story involved a network card hitting the hdd causing a short. has anyone got any that has: -bluetooth -usb port -remote out + sub rca. don't need cd. needs to be reasonably priced.
  22. Focus RS thefts

    I saw one somewhere which was really good, once car was locked the new alarm kit went and shut off the OBD port. As you say though not cheap! Although im not an RS I really should fit some sort of security to mine. Being that I hold IT equipment in the car sometimes. Although im insured for that still better to prevent it. Alot happier now. By the way been advised my flexi joint on the exhaust manifold is on the way out, although isn't causing my any problems.
  23. Tumbleweed

    Dent soon then be ready to clean it up and finish my plans.
  24. Tumbleweed

    Power has resumed. Drives fine now.
  25. Tumbleweed

    yeah probably is, but hey ho, im not a mechanic. and to be honest can't balls it up. On the crank hose, it had a second split behind that was quite bad. so that's also been done.

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