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  1. CARS

    Nice sunset picture down at work
  2. CARS

    Managed to get a up to date pic of them together
  3. CARS

    So after a long wait getting the wheels refurbished and resprayed with complete set of new tyres, they are on
  4. CARS

    Yeah im glad i changed them now
  5. CARS

    Pic of the new master cylinder
  6. CARS

    And here a pick with the full set on
  7. CARS

    Had to replace the master cylinder yesterday, had trouble with a caliper sticking so got that sorted but then had no breaks what so ever. So after half hour bleeding the system still no difference. More air was getting into the system then we was getting out. So this lead to the removal of the master cylinder and what do ya know, it was knackered. A seal had perished hence drawing air into the system. So £50 later job done
  8. CARS

    New set of lights turned up, very pleased with them thanks sleeman
  9. race car

    Nope lol
  10. yamaha MONSTER BEAR

    Well got most of it back together and pretty pleased with it. I will only get abused over the fields and caped in mud. Want to build a trailer next for it
  11. rs2000 breaks

    Well already got front and backs, wanted to try and get away with getting another rear beam as mine is in very good condition
  12. rs2000 breaks

    Iv seen that going for this setup on the front is a straight swap but what about the rears? Whats the process on changing the drums to this setup, help will be greatly appreciated
  13. yamaha MONSTER BEAR

    Chassis painted which took alot longer then first thought to clean and paint. One of them jobs thats good to begin with but wish you hadn't started
  14. video's

    Can any help, want to upload a video but not as easy as thought. Unless im doing it completely wrong
  15. yamaha MONSTER BEAR

    Bit more painted

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