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  1. Escort Finesse - 5dr 1.6 (2000 Plate)

    Has it been offered to wayne yet and where are you
  2. Panther black Escort gti

    Yeah you can still buy the bolts as bought new wishbone bolts from mine not so long ago
  3. Ill go for it you can choose one of the photos from ford fair ive been tagged in bud
  4. the custard captin is back

    Alright mate some of us are still about back in a ford then
  5. Paddy's gti

    So with this still in bits paddywhat are you coming to ford fair in
  6. wish list....

    Steve any chance you know any mk1 focus rs boys selling any centre caps for the wheels or know where I can get some blanks made Sorry to hijack
  7. Welcome along where abouts in France are you from just got back from the south of France a couple of days ago saw a lovely mk5 cabby in white where we were staying not many in France that I saw
  8. Tumbleweed

    Ill be on a little more soon been very busy moving house new job holiday in a few weeks and organising the car to be painted
  9. Jyujinkai's MK6

    Sounds like quite a build any pictures would love to see it and that xr sounds crazy
  10. Brake judder and spring noise

    Nice little upgrade get it done this time be good to see it at some shows
  11. Brake judder and spring noise

    What engine is going in it bud
  12. Brake judder and spring noise

    Thats the abs pump mate came on the gti models and rs2000 I think
  13. If you can get hold of an INA one from what ive heard they are the best kits
  14. 50 quid for bits and a couple hours of your time
  15. My New Project !

    The ones you had for sale mate

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