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  1. Tell me this isn't want I think it is

    You walked right into that Steve ,I didn't want to be the one who said it lol
  2. Tell me this isn't want I think it is

    SOLD already
  3. Tell me this isn't want I think it is

    Cant believe he sold all those other parts but not the recaro seats as he says in the advert they go with the car lol
  4. Tell me this isn't want I think it is

    The one that Ash bought ???
  5. Another pepper escort

    Ooops http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-escort-/121834644869?hash=item1c5de92585:g:k18AAOSwp5JWZaxA
  6. As Above http://www.ebay.co.u...18AAOSwp5JWZaxA
  7. Lowest Mileage GTi

    OK Mate will do
  8. Lowest Mileage GTi

    It is very nice Wayne ,however it needs some welding on the n/s chassis which will be done in the new year and then new m.o.t and sell in the spring. It has all old m.o.ts Stamped service book Hand books all complete Original dealer plates front and rear Original ford escort carpet mats as well Totally standard no mods although I will change the wheels as I have a mint set of gti wheels here with matching tyres and the ones on it have some damage !!!
  9. Lowest Mileage GTi

    65k 2 owner HPI Clear FSH
  10. Old age mate !!! the old eyesight is fading lol ,you gonna do this spoiler for me still mate ???
  11. He said in the post Sam ,Escort mk6 lol !!!
  12. Yes heater control panel is a common failure as well as the heater control valve on the bulkhead.
  13. From this to this

    Time ,I wish mate I am just used to doing it so when left alone just crack on and do it lol no the red patchy one has gone that was the si/gti rep I had !!!
  14. Escort seat trim

    Old age mate lol
  15. Escort seat trim

    It says Wayne 1985

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