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  1. R26 NKV - My Escort :)

    Good news on the Escort front, I managed to get a complete cylinder head from a 1994 Fiesta Si with the 1.4 CVH engine from work for free, so fingers crossed the Escort may live on again in the near future
  2. CVH Turbo, EFi or MFi?

    Think it will be a job with the Haynes Manual wiring diagrams and a bit of thinking then
  3. my mk 6 van

    +1 on the RS2000/Si steering wheel, when I towed my Escort it felt a lot nicer to hold the RS2000 one rather than the original four spoke one
  4. CVH Turbo, EFi or MFi?

    Ideally I'd like to keep it to a reasonable budget, I know it will cost but I don't want to spend thousands lol. Would the simplest way be to get a complete EFi wiring loom with the ECU from the Fiesta Turbo?
  5. CVH Turbo, EFi or MFi?

    I was thinking about after market management, but would it be more expensive than the EFi system from the Fiesta?
  6. As the 1.4 CVH has died in my mk6, I am wanting to convert it to a turbo CVH. I was wandering what would be better fit, as in the mechanical fuel injection system from an Escort RS Turbo, or the electronic fuel injection from a Fiesta RS Turbo? My car has the CVH-pte system at the moment. Opinions, ideas and suggestions very welcome
  7. Tar spot removal?

    The Autoglym tar remover is good, but I found that the finish on mine was a bit dull after, needed a good wax to bring the shine back. Looked good as new then
  8. R26 NKV - My Escort :)

    Don't worry I am, who listened to their parents when they were 19? haha And I consider myself lucky to be able to insure a 2.0 sports hatch at 19 when a lot of my friends have 1.1 tin cans and pay two or three thousand
  9. R26 NKV - My Escort :)

    Noooooooooooo.............. when I said it makes no sense I was referring to the insurance on the cars, not the actual cars and as for Ghia, at least you nearly got it, the amount of people I've seen put "Escort gear" instead of Ghia...
  10. R26 NKV - My Escort :)

    Makes no sense does it!
  11. R26 NKV - My Escort :)

    A GT, silver S reg one, I bought it from Bridge Motor Company in Bideford. At least I've got the power to keep up with you now this is a photo bucket link to a picture: http://s1225.photobucket.com/albums/ee385/Nathansmith108/
  12. R26 NKV - My Escort :)

    What sort of Fiesta was it? I'd love to know how they work out premiums, as my Escort cost £963 for the year, and was a 1.4, and isn't a sports model or anything, and my Primera is a GT, so I'd expect it to be twice as much if not more...
  13. R26 NKV - My Escort :)

    I know it's probably considered unusual for a 19 year old, but £600 with 11 months MOT seemed really good and I've insured it for £1137 for the year, which I thought was really cheap for a 2 litre
  14. R26 NKV - My Escort :)

    Petroc or North Devon College, whatever people call it LOL. In Barnstaple I'd recommend the course as I've learnt a lot from it, and I already knew quite a bit before I started. And it's three days a week so I can still work to earn monies too I think the official title is: IMI Level Two in Light Motor Vehicle Mechanics.
  15. R26 NKV - My Escort :)

    Cheers guys I'm quite looking forward to repairing it and proving all my friends wrong and I've bought a Nissan Primera GT, it's a brilliant car

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