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  1. Some insurance tips...

    Now, before you read on, let me first of all say that these tips are taken at the policyholder's discretion and you're a fool to take anything I type here as fact or legal advice. That said I worked for a major insurance company for a little while and learnt a couple of little things to help reduce a premium. Job title: Do you work in an office? You're an office worker. Don't bother with fancy shite like recruitment consultant, 'cause then you get a premium slapped on you because some recruiter crashed their BMW last month. Mileage: Now obviously this varies from person to person, but from all the quotes I did, I found that between 4k 1nd 7k to be the cheapest. Declaring mods: Only thing I know on this is that remaps are (to mine and all of the people I worked with's knowledge) never checked. Cover start date: This shaved £200 off my quote.. When do you want your insurance to start? Today? Impulse purchase = reckless driver..... Start in 2 weeks? Planning purchases = safe driver.... Voluntary excess: Just because confused.com gave you a £500 voluntary excess means you need it for a cheap quote. Reduce it to £0 to see what your real cost is and adjust to needs. LOOK AT YOUR COVER: Not all insurance companies were born equal. The one I worked for was a well respected company that took pride in the product it delivered. Just because your quote is cheaper, doesn't mean that it will live up to its cost come claim time... AKA when you need it MOST! I know it's not a be all and end all to reduce your quote, the best thing for that is living in a low car crime area and having plenty of no claims... If you follow anything given here, you do so at your own risk and if you lie on your insurance you risk driving without cover. Despite what I've said, it's not like anyone would use this forum post as a defence in court and if you do so, I wish you GOOD LUCK! Any questions are more than welcome
  2. Another pepper escort

    Well this should be interesting...
  3. The Ford Club Random Chat Thread

    How do. I promise I will try to keep you guys updated. I'm a filthy non-forder now. Sorry.. http://fordclub.co.uk/topic/21848-jacks-206-20-hdi/
  4. Just want to say Hi!

    Welcome, make sure you use the search function, pretty much every question ever has been answered on here.
  5. Newbi

  6. Welcome. Like paddy said, the Idle control valve (ICV) is a really common problem. Tricky to get to, but if you don't mind getting your hands dirty, it's easily done. If you search ICV on this site, there's already a guide on what to do
  7. hi everyone

    Welcome, nice community here
  8. Hello!

    Welcome, hope you like it
  9. Jack's 206 2.0 HDI

    Well folks, been off the reservation for some years now, but time to open up to you.. No pics as it's 2AM (well I did start a certain thread)... It's a Peugeot (don't start) 206 (I said don't) 2.0 HDI (Diesel, yes, I know, don't start) [estate too]..... Before this car I had a 1.9 NA renault clio.... Hated it, first diesel I had.... This one though, 60MPG, fun to drive loads of space etc etc PRO: 58+MPG Buckets of space Small turning circle, lots of visibility Really good (interior) condition Nice and nippy (90bhp) and loads of torque CON: Dents on the exterior Peugeot Diesel (though I'll be honest I'm a convert) 206 (not the best street cred) 174k miles (though sweet as a nut mostly) Now, the problems I know of Starter motor makes a nasty noise sometimes. Apparently a common problem, either a dousing in WD40 or a replacement solves it. No AC Windscreen is fubar. 10 years of stonechips has left it looking like seeing through Ray Liotta's cheeks. Plans: 110bhp remap. A damn good service. Uprated clutch. Fix the AC GTI alloys Better soundsystem Find out where atkins01 went Well, that's it for now. Anyone owned a 206 before? Good mods?
  10. WeBuyAnyCar rip off!!!

    Sold my dad's car (Nissan Qashqai) on there for a very reasonable price, was only a few years old, great condition. Gave is the same price as the average on autotrader. If you're looking at selling an old ford, don't bother. They don't see those cars like we do.
  11. The Ford Club Random Chat Thread

    Christ was it that long ago I started this thread. Originally called the late night lounge!
  12. The Ford Club Random Chat Thread

    http://imgur.com/m1bBLsM Representing.
  13. The Ford Club Random Chat Thread

    Hellooooo!!! Can't believe this thread is still going! Will always be called Late Night Lounge in my eyes!
  14. WANTED - Bumper and Bonnet

    Thanks Bronzy, will check it out. Heavy, I'll have to see if she doesn't mind the respray costs first, I'll keep you posted.
  15. WANTED - Bumper and Bonnet

    Sister was in a bump today, need a silver bonnet and front bumper in silver (moondust I think it's called) Preferably in the Greater Manchester region. Not too bothered about any slight cosmetic damage. Thanks Jack

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