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  1. Escort Mk.6 Morette Headlamps

    Bump. People are usually falling over themselves for these...
  2. new daily

    Does this have the 20v unit? If so it's the same as my old Octavia vRS. Great engines.
  3. The Ford Club Random Chat Thread

    Paul, what you excited about?
  4. Escort Mk.6 Morette Headlamps

    Need these gone so if you're interested make me a decent offer.
  5. Escort Mk.6 Morette Headlamps

    Selling my Escort Mk.6 Morette quad headlamps as they're no longer required. I bought these from Wayne at the end of last year but never fitted them due to lack of time and a change of plans. They have been dried stored in the house during the time I have owned them. The units are fully assembled and all the fixing holes are in place but the shells need some work. One of the outer lamp and two of the inner lamp reflectors are corroded. I have checked all the adjustment screws and bolts work and are not seized. I reckon this is a bargain for someone who is handy with fibreglass and filler as once tidied up and painted they can be like new. These currently retail at over £420, new, on eBay with a three week lead time: http://www.ebay.co.u...0-/220716202303 Just looking to get back what I paid for them so after £120. If you need any more information or pics please ask.
  6. my 2.3 si

    Looks awesome, Marc.
  7. Track based thread maybe?

    Did this ever happen?
  8. Mods, please can this thread be closed. Thanks.
  9. Dipstick

    All sorted now, Mods, please close this thread. Thanks.
  10. The shedscort built not bought the saga

    I have some seat side mounts if you're interested? http://fordclub.co.u...-bits-for-sale/
  11. HasAki's car bits for sale

    Cobra side mounts sold. Everything else still available.
  12. Top Gear

    What did everyone think of last night's episode? A bit of a let down for me.
  13. Wayne's Focus RS

    Sam, it's all dependant on compound, structure, intended use and market. Using the M3 as an example, there are lots of different Michelin's you can fit; PS3, PSS, PS, PSC2 but they were originally fitted with Continental Sport Contact M3 tyres which is specifically designed for that car. There are mixed reviews as to which is the best tyre but the general consensus seems to be that the top end Michelins have better grip whereas the Continentals wear better. It's a hugely subjective area so you should fit what best suits your environment and driving style.
  14. my 2.3 si

    Thanks, Marc.

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