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  1. Forums are up!

    Like your favourite pub that's been rebuilt.
  2. The Ford Club Random Chat Thread

    Now this is a blast from the past.
  3. Mk4 mondeo titanium

    I sure am buddy. Hoping to be back in a Ford whip with in a few months. I almost set my heart on a Citroen but I need that blue badge in front of me.
  4. Greetings All

    Afternoon Ronnie and welcome to the club. In time remember to put to put a project thread up on the focus.
  5. Mk4 mondeo titanium

    Nice Mondeo Phil. I remember back in the fec days your naughty red escort.
  6. The Ford Club Random Chat Thread

    To be honest mate. Its good to be back. on familiar turf You well
  7. mondeo 2.2tdci to fiesta st150?

    Hi Smokey . Main Difference is the power of course. but you got to remember they are two different cars. ones perfect for cruising the other is perfect for the B roads. My mate has a mk6 st150 running 220bhp and its no slouch
  8. Sounds more like the radio than the code generated. Try a dfiferent head unit
  9. Newbie

    Welcome to the club Rachel .
  10. The Ford Club Random Chat Thread

    Been a while since i posted on here. How is everyone doing ?
  11. How much do people pay for insurance?

    £450 fully comp on my focus 1.6
  12. Wilma the escort estate my new project

    Love it mate. Give enough feedback on Facebook but thought I'd pop summit here
  13. Dr pepper

    New rc car is under his bed instead haha
  14. Escortdriver1's Escort RS Cosworth

    Absolute stunner. Tissues required
  15. The Ford Club Random Chat Thread

    I enjoy making surprise visits much nicer now I've got a car to show

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