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    Buxton Derbyshire
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    Fast Fords, Old skool fords ,90s music [clubland,pop,rap],car mods,Formula one, Football [Arsenal fan] WRC,British Touring cars,Xbox 360 Ford runs threw my blood lol.
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    Fiesta ST blue
  1. ST project

    if your fitting a strut brace may aswell have the k and n induction cone filter,as the panel one ,the brace knocks ontop of air filter box.
  2. escort concept 2013

    this aint no escort more like escort lad said mondeo like.
  3. car valeting

    I do my valeting myself much easier auto glym best ,we took focus rs too be cleaned and it left marks on windows and paintwork,wouldnt trust them agian lol,they came off but you just dont need it , especailly as u pay
  4. Nintendo 64

    Anyone ever play goldeneye or zelda maro party revolt,great console for mulitplayer back in the 90s
  5. insurance ,what do u pay ?

    Wye insurance is pretty good at leek
  6. XBOX 360 Gamer Tags

    Eyeball paul i play mostly forza and fable and assassins creed
  7. RS Central Day 2013 at Santa Pod

    My dads Focus RS looking mint
  8. mk6 goodies

    have you got a boot lid or back bumper or escort gti in amparo blue
  9. Eyeball pauls ESCORT GTI

  10. hellooooo

    hi how do i add friends on here or is it just silly following thingy.
  11. Eyeball pauls ESCORT GTI

    Ford escort gti 1.8 1998 3dr in amparo blue really nice car is rare aswell. with sunroof and air con.
  12. hellooooo

    Just saying hiya too everyone FORD till i die lol,hope everyones ok

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