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  1. what do you guys think ?

    Hope you got what you wanted for it mate , saw it at pod a couple of years back it's a stunning car
  2. what do you guys think ?

    When did you sell it mate ? Did you sell with the plate ?
  3. what do you guys think ?

    Fingers crossed sunny Cornwall is sunny for you mate ,Padstow is lovely in the sun . You driving the cossy down ? Go on you know you want to lol
  4. what do you guys think ?

    Where will you be heading mate ?
  5. what do you guys think ?

    Will do , yea dusted off the cobwebs on the weekend ready for my local (ish) RSOC show on Sunday down wadebridge Cornwall should be a good day looking at the weather
  6. what do you guys think ?

    Only in the picture mate only just put the wheels on when I took the pic, the caps are all on now
  7. what do you guys think ?

    Had the original alloys on since I bought the car about 6 years ago so thought I would try something different for the shows this year , took them off me mk4 van, 8j Lenso BSX's well happy with the result
  8. May Pic of the Month

    Heres mine
  9. new toy

    Thanks for the positive comment's guys got a bit to do on it but it will get there
  10. new toy

    Well the sun came out so I got polishing
  11. new toy

    Thanks marcj I do like me vans
  12. Hey :)

    Welcome, I love s2s on EScos wheels looks stunning mate
  13. new toy

    Na 1.8 diesel , not sure route to go down yet . I must admit its nice to have soming good on fuel for a change thou lol
  14. new toy

    Right thought it was time for a new toy to play with , I will post some better pics when I'm finished cleaning it which should be tomorrow looking at the weather. Hope you guys like
  15. happy new year

    Here's to a amazing 2014 , happy new year people

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