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  1. Crankshaft Pulley

    Hi there, the pulley isnt really a service pert ergo it doesnt have a stated life expectancy like cambelts but the general consensus by people is it should last at least 70k id say it will defiantly outlast your mondeo
  2. Focus Mechanical Advice

    underneath the car near the fuel tank
  3. Paddy's gti

    not a massive update but engine wiring is near done been modifying the standard looms to tuck them out of sight for aesthetic reasons
  4. David starsmore

    hi and welcome to ford club id suggest if the wiring and fuses look good that maybe your stalk is faulty
  5. Mr

    the noise you describe could be the level adjust motor had a similar issue on my car when they break they whir constantly (if your car has adjustable height lights) park facing a wall when its dark and adjust them using the switch chances are you will only notice the beam on the headlight that doesnt whir do up / down full beam i would assume to be a stalk problem
  6. spoilers

    plenty of groups on facebook, make sure it comes off the right shape car spoilers off of 5 doors only fit the 5 door spoilers off the 3 doors only fit 3 door
  7. Stereo

    disconnect from power source and reconnect should restart it then it should begin to countdown from 1 hour
  8. Stereo

    No it's not scrap by what you describe sounds like the code has been imputed incorrectly 10 times and has now gone into higher security mode you can only put the code in after that hour countdown has ended and you only get one shot if incorrect you have to wait another hour
  9. Satnav touchscreen broken

    Hi and welcome to Fordclub, if your wish is to attempt to repair your satnav yourself the part you require that converts your touch into a signal for the unit to read is called a digitizer start your search with that though i suspect buying a replacement unit off ebay / aftermarket unit may be the final option at probably 1/3rd the cost of fords quote Paddy
  10. My focus derv

    i must say the more i see this the more im warming to that color, reminds me of the dark aubergine mk6 escorts came in
  11. two possibilities maybe the thermostat housing seal has failed, maybe the water pump is on its way out
  12. The Ford Club Random Chat Thread

    Evening all
  13. Paddy's gti

    Aux belt fitted after 3-4 attempts of remembering how it went just to get the looms back on and it's finished and time to move on to cleaning and painting the gearbox
  14. Paddy's gti

    Alternator fitted
  15. Paddy's gti

    Today's acquisition

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