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  1. If its the traditional ford style thermostat housing with the removable faceplate there is usually a rubber seal between the two mating faces that perishes very common problem on a lot of fords
  2. Tachometer install

    you could just buy the escort dials with the rev counter in they plug straight in and the rev counter works
  3. if you dont have the audio booklet with the car that usually has the code in then you need the serial number off the stereo itself which you have to remove it to get being a 2009 i would expect the serial number to start with a V which for 99p on ebay someone will get you the code, if it were an M code i could get you it for nothing
  4. Paddy's gti

    On impulse this weekend just gone i bought some escort cossy's just if i fancy a change from the rs7's Just storing them with my rs7's for now

    possible? yes anything is .. do i want an electric powered car ... NO i can stand at the pump for a couple of minutes with my car will then go 600+ miles the tesla s85d (which was claimed to be the tesla with the greatest range in 2017) has a claimed range of 265 miles to a charge on there base lowest spec model and to charge fully again takes over 4.5 hours (the car itself costing £50000) the higher spec model will do 325 miles but this model costs £70000+ ... this technology isnt the future
  6. faulty steering rack

    i wouldnt personally with no fluid in the system your pump is running dry which causes increased friction and heat and can quickly cause expensive damage, also driving a car you know is faulty to the point of dangerous on the road if you were in an accident could cause some legal issues aswell
  7. (modern speedo clusters dont use bulbs anymore its smd led's soldered to the board) id remove the speedo cluster and check that the seller hasnt removed / tampered with the led to make it appear as the eml isnt on
  8. Mk6 Brakes Upgrade

    it really does depend on why you want the brakes if for asthetics or if your planning on pushing the power that youll need them to stop?
  9. Mk6 Brakes Upgrade

    Yes they have to be spaced or they will rub on the caliper mounting points
  10. 2004 fan only works on full

    will likely be the heater blower resistor simple bolt off and on job 5 minutes
  11. Mk6 Brakes Upgrade

    focus rs brembo brakes can be made to fit you need to put a 5mm spacer behind the 325 disc and have an adapter bracket made up to correct where the caliper sits that will need to be 12mm plate if memory serves
  12. Mrs

    Hi I’m assuming your mondeo is a diesel, all mk3 mondeo engines be they petrol or diesel have a cam chain the diesel’s fuel pump is mounted to the front of the engine and driven by the chain so changing it means a new chain usually when the impeller on the pump goes it contaminates the fuel lines the injectors and fuel tank when my 54 plates pump went the quotes I was getting were close to 2k so I made the choice to scrap the mondeo and buy another car
  13. IB5 Sandwich Plate

    Wanted the sandwich plate that fits between the gearbox and engine for my frint starter ib5 to fit to my silvertop zetec gearbox as shown
  14. Mr

    if its the same as the dingo i had with the aux socket in the glove box the cable gets worn out with the opening and closing of the glove box just wants replacing
  15. Paddy's gti

    Gearbox is now dont just to find a dust plate and starter for it

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