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  1. Anyone with info on wiring/fuse for the heater flap motor.
  2. Wiper Mech Adjustment

    Job sorted.
  3. Can anyone with a 2000 reg 2.0L have a peep at the wiper mech and tell my the position of the arm that connects the motor when at rest. Just changed the mech on my son's and it needs abit of tweeking to get it to wipe correctly. A pic would be brill.
  4. Front brake noise

    Thanks guys will have a peep soon.
  5. colour codes

    I have paint code 58 but can't verify that the colour is Moondust Silver Metallic. Looked at as many google searches as I could but there is no mention of code 58. see attached pic of sticker. Car is a 58 Mk4 2.2l TiTx Sport Estate
  6. Front brake noise

    Sorry to be late responding - when coming to a stop the clunk clunk is there until almost stop then a groaning noise, there is some slight vibration but not excessive. Just feeling my way round the car at the mo - it's my son's first and he is not at all mechanically minded. Looking t the report after getting 2 new tyre on front there is mention of play in NSF track rod end, I could not see it when jacking up the wheel but that would not (I assume) produce the clunk - groan problem. A guy on the Talk Ford forum said he had same on his Focus but there was no mention of the groan. Will have to take wheel off and have a good look around when it stops raining!!
  7. When applying the brakes there is a clunk clunk clunk noise when slowing down followed by a groan. I have had some info that points to caliper locating pins but it's the groan thatr baffles me. Not had a chance to look at the system due to other things but if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be grateful.

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