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  1. clunking noise!!

    Could be cv joint on drive shaft track rod end or Lower arm bushes
  2. Mk4 mondeo titanium

    Been along while vinny hope to make some shows next year but won't be doing much to car as it's mainly a family bus
  3. Mk4 mondeo titanium

  4. Mk4 mondeo titanium

    Cheers mate been a long time
  5. Mk4 mondeo titanium

    Yeah was looking at old pics of it yesterday miss that car
  6. Mk4 mondeo titanium

    Nice dog lol
  7. Mk4 mondeo titanium

    Just bought a 2010 mondeo titanium yes now onto my 4th mondeo since I last posted in 2014 having trouble uploading pics at moment but as soon as I can I will
  8. Im back and in a mondeo

    Well I'm getting there with pics turned 90 degree round lol
  9. Im back and in a mondeo

    Well titanium x wheels on gave a good polish and wax this afternoon and there is a pic of the second Mondeo to the family
  10. Im back and in a mondeo

    I had the front arch repaired and painted blown in and blended rear bumper repaired and painted replacement rear drivers side door and painted and blended in down drivers side both sills painted frint bumper painted full machine polish headlights tinted and all rear windows tinted 25% which in total was £650 but to go back again as someone reversed into front bumper leaving a scuff couple of scratches and also spraining it it was done by a mate in horbury
  11. Im back and in a mondeo

    At the moment there in garage awaiting refurb but more than likely appear on the car nxt year as new baby arriving soon
  12. Im back and in a mondeo

    Fec knows lol i load them and for some reason it flips image round
  13. Im back and in a mondeo

    Got mondeo back from paint shop today had a few extras done aswell rear window tints and headlights tinted
  14. ZVH Turbo bottom end

    You still got this vinny may know someone to take it off your hands
  15. Im back and in a mondeo

    Had all brakes and handbrake canles and two brake pipes done had it serviced and goimg for mot on monday Need two tyres now and possibly a wheel bearing

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