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  1. Is it only me thats active on here ?

    I removed myself from the Facebook group months ago...
  2. Is it only me thats active on here ?

    Oh dear appears my humour seems to be no longer accepted / differs from others that once would find this funny... Tbh things changed along time ago... I think you might aswell deactivate my account good luck with the future and I hope the club is successful and continues to grow and attend as many shows as possible... Ttfn
  3. Is it only me thats active on here ?

    Feckin hell ive even meat'd myself woooop woooop
  4. For once i have more replies active than stuntmaster!!...... at the min i have a whole two pages of un-interupted last replies to posts woooooppp woooop !! right now ive come on here and slapped my meat around abit iam offski byyyyeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  5. 2002 mondeo problems

    Sounds like a battery voltage problem as these run the smart charge system and can run in excess of 100amp charge rate it doesnt take long to get back about 12v..i would personally get your battery checked along with your alternator out put not just for volts but for amps as well as your alternator can give out the current but not the flow and vice versa
  6. fuel consumption

    i would say tat you have abit of a problem....... but still if my daily returned even 20mpg i would be happy
  7. Do you think ?

    State Blue wins hands down for me tbh mk1 / 2 escorts price is due to their drive train layout and also their racing heritage unfourtunatly mk6's have neither so i doubt they will be worth the megga amounts as the mk1's etc..but they will go up at some point but i wouldn't rely on one for your pension / retirement fund in future years
  8. 1984 3.0 L LDV

    copper hammer....
  9. Ford keying and halfords..

    Button moon to be precise yeah thats the one hahahaha well my Tina is 33 this year got old skool zippies for the back seat for show season too!! ahahaaha
  10. FordClub online Radio - Live

    Don't forget to pay abit of Old skool rave to go with all that acid!!....
  11. acid reflux

    Honestly...did we really need to know this?
  12. Ford keying and halfords..

    keeping it retro ive got a clanger on mine

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