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  1. what do you think?

    Have a separate facebook page/group for selling?
  2. Newbee

    Welcome to the forum
  3. Hello guys and gals

    Welcome to the forum, nice rims!!
  4. Just bought this...

    Just got my first DSLR for my birthday so just playing around with different settings, will have to take the focus up there next Sunday for pics,nice quiet spot
  5. new here

    Welcome to the forum
  6. Hi I'm new!

    Hello and welcome to the forum
  7. Just bought this...

    Some pics from my first shoot of her...
  8. The Ford Club Random Chat Thread

    I know it's only Tuesday but what's everyone's plans for the weekend? My birthday on Thursday so birthday weekend I think
  9. Jeremy Clarkson could face the axe

    I agree with the above post 100% I can't believe David Cameron has even stuck up for him, apparently his children would be heart broken if they took top gear off. Wonder what he would be saying if he got punched at work. I'd say it's certain that he would want them sacked.
  10. The Ford Club Random Chat Thread

    I'm about sorting through my pics taken with my first DSLR, anyone else into photography? Got this one on Saturday, first time out with my dog with the new camera...
  11. Just bought this...

    Well was... She's owned by me now and I'm no mechanic!
  12. Just bought this...

    1.8 GTI but she's currently running at more than the standard 150bhp after an engine rebuild. She's owned by a performance mechanic lol
  13. Just bought this...

    First VW ive driven, looking forward to picking her up tomorrow, nervous as well lol, much faster than my focus
  14. Just bought this...

    Apologies if this thread isnt allowed or is in the wrong section... Well it's not a ford, it's not a pug 205 which is what we fancied... But she was there, at the right time, from someone I know for sale, so she's ours! Keeping the focus of course, but picking her up tomorrow, we've needed a second car for a while and I'm quite exited! Anyone have any VW history?

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