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  1. Breaking. Focus TDCI Sport

    Breaking. Focus TDCI Sport
  2. Mk4 mondeo titanium

    Nice to see you on here Phil
  3. Forums are up!

    Nice work
  4. Another RS

    Thought it was about time I started a thread.
  5. Paddy's gti

    Nice update.
  6. Mk1 Focus front end repairs - Help please!

    Shame your not nearer as I've got loads of focus spares
  7. Another RS

    We had fun trying to load it on the truck.
  8. Foc rs2k parts

    I'm surprised Mr Abrahams hasn't replied to this
  9. Peugeot 205 Hillclimber,Mass Race Engine

    Love this car
  10. Mk1 Focus front end repairs - Help please!

    Where abouts are you?
  11. A few pics of my old Capri's

    A few pics of my old Capri's The daughter will kill me for posting this one up
  12. Spam Accounts

    As a few of you have realised we are getting quite a few spam accounts on here We are trying our best to sort this
  13. Project 'Camper'

    New addition to the fleet 22k from new, 1 owner I will update as things happen to it Comments welcome
  14. fuel filter location

    It sounds like it
  15. Ford Ka interior door handle problem

    I think there is a spring inside the door mechanism
  16. 1996 'P' reg needs urgent accelerator cable

    Is yours the 1.6 zetec?
  17. mondeo 2.2tdci to fiesta st150?

    Ive got an ST Fiesta, haven't done anything with it yet tho
  18. The Ford Club Random Chat Thread

    Welcome back How are you?
  19. Newbie

    Welcome to the club
  20. Minichamps Models

    Does anybody else on here collect them?

    Welcome to the club
  22. New member, long time Ford nut

    Welcome to the club
  23. New Motor

    Picked this up a few weeks ago, not much to look at, for the sum of £35 It needed a clutch, so sorted that and was ready for the road
  24. New Motor

    Not sure what I am taking to shows yet
  25. New Motor

    I sure have Runs like a dream

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