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  1. driveshaft ford scorpio

    not a common car, best bet would be to try car breaking websites like http://www.partsgateway.com
  2. lower front arms

    I would go with the higher quality QH ones. I used to put first line arms on and i would have to change them every 3 months, that was with stiff shocks and -40 springs doing about 500 miles per week
  3. Exhaust

    Hi Guys, I have an exhaust that is just going to be thrown in the bin if none of you want it. It came off my GTI so i think it'll fit anything with a Zetec (i think). It's a stainless steel cat back, not sure of the make, it's not loud, more 'throaty'. The only problem is it'll need a new flange welded on to it where it meets the cat as it's mild steel and has corroded and got weak. it seals ok for the first 2 days but then starts to leak with engine movement. not looking for any money, you just arrange the courier to pick it up. i'll post pics if there is any interest. Admin take this down if it's not allowed, seen as i'm not a gold member so can't post in the for sale section and it isn't 'for sale' as such i thought it would be ok to post. Cheers. Shug.
  4. The "What I have been doing today" Thread

    HP Jet Direct is great, however we don;t have a licence for it, so just adding the printers and sharing them then adding the 32-bit driver.
  5. New Guy!

    Welcome to the Club
  6. The "What I have been doing today" Thread

    Building a Print server that aint playing ball!
  7. Sierra problem

    Hi and welcome to the club. is this engine fuel injected or does it have carbs ? i'm sure the CVH is injected but can't remember if it is injected is it just one of them or all of them ? if it's just one i would be looking at a break in the wireing Loom, if it's all of them i would suspect the fusebox. your english is very good! Shug.
  8. My 29cc king motor

    just put some slicks on and some stiffer shocks/springs and yer sorted!
  9. My 29cc king motor

    noticed you were trying to sell this on FB, you still selling iit or keeping it ?
  10. Mugshots

    one of me and a couple from my Karting Days
  11. found a photo of my old car.

    lower that a Granny's nipples
  12. found a photo of my old car.

    found an old pic of mine too!
  13. What music are you listening to? or listened to?

    dire straits - sultans of swing
  14. Mugshots

    Me 'n' the wife ignore the lazy eye, had it since i got kicked in the face when i was 16.

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