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Right then, this Is my new MK3 fiesta, 1989 LX. A couple of pictures as promised...


I apologise in advance about the pictures(taken from my phone), as well as the car itself... I haven't had the chance to clean it yet as it was bought in haste without the consent of my parents who say, and I quote 'We won't have any more dogs on the driveway until you get rid of the last one' and since there is a rather rusty old mini still on the driveway from my last endevours, of which I'm hastily trying to get rid off, I decided it best to leave the fiesta in the lane next to my house and save telling them until a better time... therefore it has got dusty as hell and I haven't been able to clean it or get the nasty citroen AX wheel trims off...


It will remain this way until I can sell the Mini and tell them that in fact there's no need to search for a new, reliable, and completely faultless car, as I have one already parked around the corner! :)


So here's some pictures for you, as it was bought:



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