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Insurance Problem (Change of Car)

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I started my policy with Ecar last November due to them giving the lowest quote. All was well until I swapped my car last saturday (9 days ago). I logged onto the site, added the approporiate details to swap the car over on my policy to be greeted with an error message. Tried again and got the same message. I tried to phone them but the automated message stated "as they are a premium rate calls they can't use queues and had to hang up. Finally after numerous calls I spoke to someone and they stated as I'm unemployed the system refused the swap. So they said a technician would sort it out asap. This was last Tuesday. I've been phoning/emailing every day and each time I have been told it will be sorted and they'd give me a call back later in the afternoon. They never did so I had to phone in the morning.


I phoned them again today (cost of all calls now adds to over £50) and was told the problem was they needed me to agree to the new cost and the details would be forced through due to me waiting for so long. I've checked their site and still the details are of my old car.


Who would be best to speak to? As I have a daughter 3 who was born at 26 weeks and has the mental age of a 2yr old, problems with sight and hearing and my son has adhd so again needs constant attention. Which I told them last week I can not go without the car for these reasons.


Really am getting stressed with this now but dont know what procedure to take.


Thanks for any advice given...

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Just to add, previous insurer has said it's illegal to have 2 policies on one car... So the ST24 has 2 (mine and new owner) and just seen an advert stating the dvla know when a car is not insured, off the road and not on a sorn and is an offence to do so (the puma)..

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