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HowTo: Look the biz with onboard carputer

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This will give you a computer that allows you to do diagnostics and other nifty features like shift assist, dyno, and a 0-60 tester dragstrip mode.




What you will need



1x Netbook that runs on 12volts or smaller.

1x car charger cable for the netbook

1x ELM323 USB OBDReader

1x ScanXL software (in my opinion it's good, although american it does work well!)

1x Netbook laptop mount.






1. start by installing Dash XL onto the laptop, when in, configure it by adding your car profile, and then be ready when it asks to connect.

2. plug your ELM in via USB and wait for windows to finish installing the drivers for it.

3. once done, locate your EOBD socket. On the focus it's under the steering wheel. on the Digidash Escort its in the passenger footwell.

4. plug the Elm in, you should see RX and TX light blinker briefly and the Power LED should now be brighter.

5. with the engine running, click connect on scanXL, it'll connect up, the RX/TX lights will blinker like mad and it will then scan for PID's.

6. once done, you'll need to click on the setup tab then click PID's. Choose to select all and then choose to check all. save that and close the tab down.

7. goto Dashboards tab and click 'new scan XL' a virtual Dashboard appears on the screen. at the bottom Press the greed dot to monitor it. Now rev your car, you should see RPM move up and down.

8. If you do then bingo EOBD is working, check out the other dash sections with the buttons on the left.

9. now fit the mount, slot your laptop into it, and then tidy the wires away.

10. You are done, for extras see A below.



A. For an OEM install, dismantle the car charger and wire it into a switch and then onto the battery, route the cable in the dash somewhere. for the ELM route the wire into the dash and have it come out by the laptop.


Hope this helps



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