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HowTo: Dash cam on the cheap

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Posted 02 April 2015 - 07:45 AM

In this howto I will show you how to get a dash cam for about £6 in total. (at the moment)

Parts needed

1x Android Phone (iphone too but not sure on the app for that)
1x Autoguard Pro at £1.70 from google play
1x phone mount universal at home bargains at £3.99

How to

install the app, and mount the phone.
within the app, choose settings and make sure that:

-A decent filetype is chosen, 3gp is pants I went for AVI.
-a good storage location is chosen (SD Card Preferably)
-a good trigger is enabled, mines set to auto start as soon as bluetooth to the car is connected.
-optional: enable sound, mine isn't as I have loud music playing.
-set the right emergency number
-make sure it 'always' saves the video regardless of accident (*see note below as to why)
-if your phone has a notification LED, tell it to always blink when recording
-choose the right google account that matches the one you sued to buy pro (&see note below as to why)
-auto rotation on
-use gps is on
-interval for gps is 1 second
-start immediately, this makes it so once the trigger loads the app, the app then jumps right into recording mode.

and thats it.

Give it a test run, if it logs accidents too quickly, then load settings and reduce the sensitivity.
so the app is very clever, it records the video regardless, then when an accident occurs the g sensor will notice it and the app marks an accident and offers you to ignore, phone 999 or text 999. Since we don't support texting 99 that button is useless. choose appropriately.
Then once done you can view the video afterwards and it will not only show the video but a map in realtime of the route and the point of collision with speed. pure evidence there in-case of an accident.

*with this mode enabled, although you may not have a collision, it will have captured any near-miss moments and and illegal drivers etc. of which at your discretion you can report them etc.

&You need this set right otherwise the licence wont unlock the pro version.

Overview of the hud

Attached File  pic.jpg   31.89K   2 downloads

here you can see it in realtime.

Along the bottom from left to right you have:

-start/stop recording
-flag as accident
-compass bearing north/south etc
-smiley face telling you GPS is OK
-a gps signal bar
-speed in mph digitally

to the left you have

-video/photo switch if you only want photos use photo mode
-name of the area (using gmaps api to get this via gps)

top bar

when stopped:

-stopped indicator
-video quality button (mines set to 1080p hd, but choose highest your cam supports)
-focus mode (mines set to auto)
-exposure mode (mines set to +0)
-map (loads a small gmap widget showing you the route)
-menu (the vertical ... button)

when started:

-recording indicator
-map (loads a small gmap widget showing you the route)

widget mode

a second version of the app is installed and acts like a widget, setup the main app first then close it and then launch the widget version. a small resizeable window appears with just close, stop and photo.

use this to overlay ontop of other apps, example you might be using google navigation.

I tested it this morning on a HTC Desire 610, and it ran smoothly. it has a clean interface. simple to use and above all, has the right features with no gimmicks.

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Posted 05 March 2017 - 03:28 PM

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Posted 05 March 2017 - 03:38 PM

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Posted 05 March 2017 - 03:40 PM

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