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Jack's 206 2.0 HDI

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Well folks, been off the reservation for some years now, but time to open up to you..


No pics as it's 2AM (well I did start a certain thread)...


It's a Peugeot (don't start) 206 (I said don't) 2.0 HDI (Diesel, yes, I know, don't start) [estate too].....


Before this car I had a 1.9 NA renault clio.... Hated it, first diesel I had....


This one though, 60MPG, fun to drive loads of space etc etc



  • 58+MPG
  • Buckets of space
  • Small turning circle, lots of visibility
  • Really good (interior) condition
  • Nice and nippy (90bhp) and loads of torque


  • Dents on the exterior
  • Peugeot
  • Diesel (though I'll be honest I'm a convert)
  • 206 (not the best street cred)
  • 174k miles (though sweet as a nut mostly)



Now, the problems I know of

  1. Starter motor makes a nasty noise sometimes. Apparently a common problem, either a dousing in WD40 or a replacement solves it.
  2. No AC
  3. Windscreen is fubar. 10 years of stonechips has left it looking like seeing through Ray Liotta's cheeks.



  • 110bhp remap.
  • A damn good service.
  • Uprated clutch.
  • Fix the AC
  • GTI alloys
  • Better soundsystem
  • Find out where atkins01 went


Well, that's it for now.


Anyone owned a 206 before?


Good mods?

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