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easy rust removal

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Got a great and cheap way to remove rust using the wonders of science.


You will need a plastic container to fit your part, a battery charger (old ones are better new ones have failsafes), some soda crystals and some scrap steel.


Fill the container with water and mix in the soda crystals.

Add the part to be cleaned to the solution and connect the negative clip to it.

Add the piece of scrap steel to the solution and connect the positive. keep this clip out of the solution.

Turn on the power and leave overnight.


Through the electrolytic reaction the rust will migrate and collect on the scrap steel.


Safety first.

Always disconnect the power first.

The bubbles produced is hydrogen gas so use in a well ventilated area. (The stuff the germans used to fill big balloons with)

Any metal alloys, galvanised surfaces may produce harmful byproducts.


There are plenty youtube how to vids if you want more info or google electrolytic rust removal.


CheeRS All

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