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fuel filter location

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I've got an escort TD 90ps with the intercooler. I can't find my fuel filter anywhere.


Every picture I've seen of the engine shows the filter to be on the right hand side of the engine.

But it just isn't there! Just a huge void where the plunger unit should be.


I've traced the fuel line back, I have the right length of pipe which should go to the filter location but instead there is a smaller diameter pipe shoved inside and connected with a jubilee clip.


I've continued to trace the smaller diameter line under the air box to a pipe bracket also holding the return line and from there they both run in parallel under the master cylinder then under the intercooler and back to the tank


What the F**k


what am i missing? Has the owner before me somehow done away with the filter

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I thought i was loosing my marbles.

I was hoping some models may of had one inside the tank or tucked up very close to it between the tank and chassis.


Coming to the realisation the previous owner has removed the fuel filter probably explains the running issues I've had with the car.


A few weeks ago one of the fuel pipes worked its was loose off the pump and needed re-fitting but i had to bleed the system at each injector before she would start again.

Before i did this it would take 4-5 seconds to start first time every morning. After the bleed it started much quicker the following morning however it slowly got worse and now its back to 4-5 seconds again. Generally the car runs like a bag of S##T before the turbo kicks in and chucks out a load of white/grey smoke under boost. (only visible at night in lights)


I now suspect that i have low fuel pressure due to an air leak from the joining of the two pipes. Not to mention the injectors and pump are being fowled by dirty fuel...... Looks like a trip a breakers yard for me if i can find a 1.8 td in stock. otherwise I will have no choice but to modify an inline filter to fit which will probably mean bleeding the system again (my poor battery)

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