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How-To: Installing ST170 Speedo Dials

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In this how to I will be explaining how to install the ST170 Speedo in a standard Petrol (this is important) focus Mk1.


The Speedo is electrically wired for petrol Focus only.






So Wayne Day dangled the golden carrot under my nose, I was like ooh shiny.... take my cash!


Why fit these?


Theyre different, white/silverish, have a different trim, the fuel gauge reads differently and finally the whole face glows green.


What about the oilpod do these work?


Yes and no. You can wire it up but only the oilpressure gauge works and it is totally inaccurate. the ice warning sensor works but its a right faf just for one LED....


However, do not throw it away, we will need it still because it has the inverter for the glow faces.



Parts Needed



1x ST170 speedo

1x ST170 Oilpod Aux Cluster

1x ST170 oilpod plug and short bit of loom

1x ST170 Speedo glow gauge plug (plugs into the top of cluster as a seperate grey plug)

2x Automotive cable reel (5amp should do but I went higher to be safe) in Red and black (you can buy a third reel in blue to help further)

4x splice connectors (I chose blue 15 amp ones)

1x electrical tape reel.

2x strong cableties.






We need to prepare the Oilpod to power the glow portion. So take the plug and look for the following wires:


OG/YE (Orange/Yellow) - Constant 12V - Main Power

YE (Yellow) - Constant 12V - Memory Wire

YE/BK (Yellow/Black) - Ground

OG/YE (Orange/Yellow) - Switchable 12V - Glow Faces Trigger Wire


the first three wires will be found next to each other and the 4th will be on its own. the OG/YE thats next to YE is the 12V Main. So the other is the trigger. Pay special attention to this.


locate the 12v Cigar lighter in the front. measure up some cable length from that area to the space under the steering wheel. we need red and black for this. then measure some blue from the same understeering wheel area to the drivers side lightswitch.


trim back some of the OILPOD plugs wire. Take the YE and OG/YE that are beside each other and solder both wires to the red you just measured.


Do the same for the BK/YE to the black ground.


Take the remaining OG/YE and solder to the blue wire.


Now look on the oilpod plug, there will be two wires on their own at the end, RED and RED/YE these correspond to the little plug on top of the cluster.


take some red and black and measure from under the steering wheel. all the way to where the speedo is.


solder wires to the plug and the speedo plug.


now to install.


remove the plastic cover (with OBD port on it) under the steering wheel. plug up the oilpod, and cable tie it to the long thick bunch of wires.


Locate and remove the cigar lighter fuse (it's a 15 amp fuse).


Now remove the front radio surround, you will have to remove the radio to take the 4 screws out. the fascia prises off.


the red and black wires splice onto the cigar lighter plug. BK/YE is ground here again. so the other must be 12v. the splice connectors are easy. clip it on the wire, feed in the splice wire, then use pliers to pinch down and then lock in place using the lock in tab.


now remove the airvent on the drivers side, and the shround around unclips. this exposes the head lightswitch. unscrew and remove.


Locate pin 9 OG/BU, locing tab on left, the wire is top right. splice your blue wire onto this one.


Nearly there!


swapping the speedo.


remove the screws for the fascia surrounding the speedo. and unclip, it prises off.

undo the boot release switch and take fascia away.


now locate the 4 screws holding the speedo in, and remove those.


tilt the speedo forward slowly. reach behind and feel the locking tab on the plug. depress and pull the lever to one side and the plug will remove as it pulls up.


now find the speedo glow plug and fit that to the ST170 speedo. then plug the speedo main plug back in, aas you push it in the lever swings back and locks into place.


loosely fit speedo back in. Replace fuse 15. You should hear the oilpod engage startup ( a Neeeeeer sound is heard)


Now put key into position 2. the gauges will sweep and then settle. Start the car.


check to see if all Symbols go out, and the correct ones lit when you went into position 2.


Crucially the:







(TC/ESP if you have it)



need to have been lit then go off.


Also rev engine to see if RPM needle goes up. waarm the car up and then check temp gauge and fuel gauge are reading properly.


If all is good, then turn on heaadlights. the speedo glows (don't do it in the sun because you can't see it!)


if all is good then, turn off the car, and fit everything back.


Job done, pat yourself on the back.



If you see any of the symbol's not lighting up, then replace the bulb.


If your cluster is wildly out on the ODO you will need an auto electrician to reprogram it. Ford will no longer do it. If your ODO is wildly out by being LOWER than you actually are, be prepared to be quizzed about it. When getting it programmed ALWAYS have the correct official mileage documentation to hand.

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